Introduction: Trails

About: Drawing On Everything

Lets capture the unseen trails of our body.

A collaboration with Maria Yablonina.

We are forever leaving invisible trails behind us wherever we go. As someone who draws I have be curios about the lines that we can not see. Yes I can leave marks behind with pen and ink, but during the motion of creation of these marks what kind of lines where being made with my body.

Software used to capture motion:

Tracker v3, Rhino and Grasshopper


Vicon Bonita Motion Capture system

Step 1: Step1: Capture

Our goal for this project was to explore what happens when a drawing is removed from a 2-dimensional plane into the 3-dimensional space. What happens to a drawing once that transition occurs? How does the interaction process between the artist and the piece change?

In order to capture 3-dimensional traces of Shantell's movement we are using a MOtion Capture setup (Bonita by VICON). The system consists of a series of cameras precisely arranged in space and retro reflective markers that cam be tracked by it. We recycled a marker holder from a previous project and used it as a "pen" for the drawing process.

Step 2: Step 2: Drawing

As the "pen" is moved through the space, its locations are being recorded every 20 ms.

Step 3: Step 3: Postprocessing and Fabrication

Once the drawing process is finished, the point collections are post processed and solids are generated. They are then printed on a Fortus FDM printer.

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