Introduction: Train Yourself to Be Ambidextrous

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Have you ever wanted to be able to use both hands equally well?
Afraid of what would happen if your dominant hand broke?
I will show you how to become ambidextrous!

Any input from people who have already successfully done this would be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Day One

I am righthanded, so I will be attempting to become a lefty as well. Obviously, lefthanded people will be trying to become righties.

Today, practice your handwriting. Write your name and the alphabet, along with a few straight lines and a few circles or curves (useful for cursive as well as printing...letters are just lines and curves after all!), with your non dominant hand. Do it with your dominant hand first. See how pretty you write? This is the benchmark. This is how well you will write with your other hand when we're done.

If you're like me, on this the first day, your straight lines will look like bacon strips. Not to worry, you'll get better the more you practice.

Along with handwriting, try to do a few things consistently with your left hand. You want to be able to shave/put on makeup with your nondominant hand eventually, but for now, just put on your foundation with your left hand, or just shave one or two strokes.

Step 2: Day Two

Today, brush your teeth with your left hand. Then, when you take a shower, turn on the water, reach for/use the soap, reach for/use the towel,dry off, and brush your hair with your left hand. Write a note to yourself on the mirror with a greaseboard marker so you won't forget. Put your watch on your right wrist. Put a sign on the refridgerator to remind yourself to use your left hand to get out food and get a drink of water. We'll save learning to eat with your other hand for another day. Also, practice your handwriting just like yesterday.

Step 3: Day Three

Today, do everything you did yesterday, with the addition of eating with your left hand. Reach for the milk, handle a fork/spoon, butter your toast, cook, etc, using your left hand dominantly.

Tip: Don't eat in public with your left hand until you've practiced a bit. Things could get messy.

Step 4: Day Four

Today, do everything you did yesterday:

*Eating with your left hand

*Wearing your watch on your right hand

*Practising handwriting with your left hand

*Getting ready for the day with your left hand


Tie your right hand behind your back for a little bit to make you do everything possible left handed. Only untie it when driving or doing other things which require the use of both hands.

Also, switch your mouse buttons to fit your new lefthandedness! To do that, go to control panel>printers and other hardware>mouse and click the button that says "switch mouse functions" or something like that at the top. This will switch the mouse button you use to select and right click, reversing them.

That's about it. Just keep doing these things and you should, given enough time, become ambidextrous!