Trampoline Wrestling Ring




Introduction: Trampoline Wrestling Ring

I love the WWE and have tried for years to make a perfect wrestling ring for my trampoline, finally I created one that works amazingly.


1 Trampoline

50 foot hose (3X)

7.5 foot wooden poles (4X)

7 inch long bolts with nuts (8X)

Hose Clamp (6X)

3 ft metal stake (4X)

50 foot rope smaller than hose (3X)(Optional)

Turnbuckle needed for rope (3X)(Optional)

Foam Pads/Trash bags (Optional)

Should all cost under $100 dollars not including the trampoline.

Step 1: The Poles

You're going to need to start with getting 4 wooden poles that are about 7 - 8 ft tall. They should be 3.5 inches or wider. Start by placing them next to your trampoline to see how tall they are and where you want the ropes to be drilled into. On my trampoline the first rope is 14.5 inches above the red tarp. Each rope is 14.5 inches above that rope. Draw the holes marks with sharpie while they're propped up against the trampoline. From there lay them on the ground and drill a 1 inch hole into each of those 3 marks on that pole. Remember the 3 holes should be 14.5 inches apart from each other.

Step 2: Attaching the Poles

My trampoline has two different versions of its base metal frame. In the first picture I have circled where the net was supposed to go in yellow. We placed a small wooden pole there to be between the frame and the wrestling pole. In the other picture that's what the frame looks like without a net location. That one is easy because you don't need the wood gap pole. Drill two 7 inch long screws into the pole and through the frame. I circled these in purple, add nuts to the end of both these screws so the pole won't fall away. Add a metal stake into the ground like the one I circled in red, behind each of these Poles so they won't top inwards into the trampoline.

Step 3: The Ropes

To start you're going to need 3 hoses that are 50 ft long. The total length of the hose going around the ring will be 40 ft. But it's good to have extra. The optional part if you would like is to run rope through it to make it more secure. But the hose without the rope can definitely hold around 230 pounds. The hose you buy should be a color you like. Do not tape it!!! I taped previous hose before this one with so called weatherproof duct tape, that didn't work. Then I tried gorilla tape. That didn't work, because the hose stretches a little and the tape doesn't stay on. Do not pain the hose either. If you want grey hose I got mine at target for $10 dollars for 50ft. To connect the hose you need to use two hose clamps, see the pink circled pictures. You'll need to tighten the two hoses together with the clamp. Make sure you use two clamps. If you wanna use rope inside your hose you need a turnbuckle. Ignore this if you're not using rope. If your are using rope I circled the hose ends with green, it's hard to see but there are ropes running out if each if those hoses, the turnbuckle is connecting the rope, while if you can see at the end there is still clamps on the hose.

Step 4: Pads (Optional)

I made the pads out of an old mattress foam topper. You can get them pretty big for a cheap price. I cut out 2 foot long foam blocks and folded them. I put rope in the fold and then covered the foam in trash bags. The trash bags protect them from water damage. And it's cheaper than tarps. The pads help cushion the Poles but aren't needed, you should get something to cover the hose clamps though so no one gets cut. The foam im holding isn't the pads size, it's just an example of how the foam looks uncovered. The purple circles in the one picture show how I put the Ropes on holding the pads.

Step 5: Ending

With the finished results you should be able to climb the hoses with no issue, the top of your pole should be flat so you can sit on top of it. Like I said we've had 230 pounds climbing on the hose with no problem. Enjoy your new wrestling ring to do all the elbow drops, leg drops and Swanton bombs off the top rope on your wrestling enemy. The neighborhood kids will envy you, and you will be the biggest hit around town.

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    2 years ago

    should cost near $60 not including the turnbuckle and stuff


    4 years ago

    What size is the tramp?


    5 years ago

    awesome job how much money and where do u get the stuff not including trampoline