Introduction: Trans* Flag Paracord Bracelet (three Colors)

I made these bracelets to support transgender awareness. Wear it with pride!

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • three colors of paracord (pink, blue, white for the trans* flag)
  • paracord buckle
  • lighter
  • wrist measurement

Step 2: Measure the Wrist

I used a piece of paracord to measure my wrist then I drew it onto this piece of paper.

Step 3: Getting Started

Put the pink and blue paracord through one part of the buckle.

Step 4: This Next Step Is Optional.

If you prefer the easy way, just tie a knot or loop the blue through the second part of the buckle. The reason I do it this way is because it is prettier and neater looking.

Step 5: This Is the Confusing Part...

  1. Insert blue through the other buckle. (hole1)
  2. Insert blue through the opposite hole on the buckle. (hole2)
  3. Wrap the end of the blue around the beginning. Be sure that the end goes from behind to in front.
  4. Push the end of the blue up into hole2.
  5. Pull the end back down through hole1. Be sure that the end goes under the loop like the beginning does.
  6. Pull tight.

Step 6: Binding by Flame

Burn the pink and blue ends together. Press with something metal so you don't burn yourself or make a mess.

Step 7: Adding the Stripe

Measure out a piece of white paracord about as long as the bracelet.

Step 8: Gut It

Pull the guts out of the white paracord.

Gutted like a fish! lol

Step 9: Fun Time

Make a loop with the blue then put it behind the bracelet. Put the pink paracord under the blue that has crossed over. Tuck the pink over the bracelet into the blue loop. Pull tight, being careful not to add or loose length in the bracelet.

Step 10: Inserting the Stripe

Begin to make the second (or third) knot in the same way that you made the first. Before you pull it tight tuck the gutted white paracord into the knot from the top. Allow a small amount under the knot.

Step 11: Form a Pattern

Wrap blue under the bracelet and onto of pink. Wrap pink on top of the bracelet and through the blue loop. The white stripe should be aligned with the bracelet, under the pink. Pull tight. Make sure every knot is pulled tight to make the bracelet as sturdy as it can be.

Step 12: Continueing..

Make the next knot by wrapping blue underneath the bracelet and on top of the pink. Take the pink over the bracelet and through the blue loop. This time pull the white strip up allowing the knot to form beneath it.

Step 13: Repetition Is the Key!

Continue the pattern. Blue is always underneath and pink is always on top. Every other knot tuck the white strip under the knot formed by the pink and blue. Then make the next knot with the white on top.

Step 14: So You Have Reached the End.

There is no more room for another knot so we have to end it here. Loosen the last knot in the back just a little. Tuck the pink into it. Its gonna look like a twisty thing. Then tuck the blue into the loop in the back. Work back and forth tightening the blued and pink. (I hate this part).

Step 15: Finish It!

Now all that's left is to get rid of the extra string. Cut the string close to the knot, leaving enough to melt down. Use the lighter (with adult supervision) to melt the tips of the pink and blue paracord. Use the metal part of the lighter to push the hot string into the bracelet. Do not touch the string while it is hot. It will stick to your skin and hurt really bad.

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