Introduction: Transfer Electrcity Wirelessily

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in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to transfer electricity with very simple circuit

Step 1: Components Needed

  • NPN transistor
  • 1k resistor
  • led
  • 1.5v battery
  • enamelled
  • copper wire

Step 2: Circuit Daigram

Step 3: Making of Receiver

Make a coil of 15 turns and connect LED to its ends.

Step 4: Making of Transmitter

Take a bottle and make a coil of 15 turns on it, leave 3-inch wire to make a loop for central terminal and whirl the wire again 15 times. After completing the coil, three terminals will be obtained. Now take 2N2222 transistor, connect its base terminal to the resistor and connect the first end of the coil and collector terminal to the last end of the coil. Connect emitter terminal of the transistor to negative terminal of an AA battery. The central terminal of the coil will be connected with the positive terminal of an AA battery. The transmitter is now ready.

Step 5: How This Works

The wireless electricity transmission is achieved by the oscillating magnetic field

At first, the battery provides direct current(DC) to the circuit. The Direct Current is converted into high-frequency Alternating Current (AC) with the help of the transmitter circuit. This alternating current energizes the transmitter coil which generates a magnetic field. When the secondary coil (receiver) is placed near to the primary coil, the changing magnetic field induces an alternating current in it.

Step 6: Watch the Video for More Details

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