Introduction: Transfer PHOTOS to STONE!

This tutorial video will show you how to "print on stone", or rather - transfer your laser-printed picture (color or black-and-white) onto stone.


  • A stone (ideally smooth and light in color)
  • Acrylic Polyurethane* (OR ModPodge Photo transfer / Liquitex Gel Medium / etc.)
  • Brush
  • Laser-printed image (printed on regular or specialty transfer paper - see below)

This technique works even if your image is printed to regular paper. But if you go that route, you'll use the "rubbing" technique shown in my first instructable video about transferring photos to wood.
For this video, I use a special "peel-away" paper that makes the process a LOT faster.
That paper is called "Tom Palissade Transfer Paper", and can be found here:

Step 1: Step 1: Transfer Your Image to Stone


  • Clean the surface of your stone (remove any dirt, oil, grime, etc.)
  • Apply a layer of acrylic polyurethane (or transfer gel)
  • Quickly apply your laser-printed design, FACE DOWN onto the wet surface
  • Using your hand or paper towels, work air bubbles out to the edges
  • Try to eliminate wrinkles as much as possible. Some wrinkles are ok.
  • Let dry for a couple of hours, depending on your heat and humidity.
  • ONCE DRY, apply water using a soaked sponge or paper towels.
  • Let the water soak into the paper, until you start to see the image through the back.
  • Carefully peel the paper away.
  • OPTIONAL: Apply a coat (or several) of acrylic polyurethane over the image to protect it.

Watch the video to see the photo-to-stone transfer techniques performed.