Introduction: Transfer Pump Kit (<$150.00)

Transfer pumps are a pain to carry, store, keep clean during use and while in storage.
I was inspired by someone who posted transfer kit he made on Amazon.

• Pump stays clean and dry while in use
• Pump stays clean while in storage
• Selp priming pump
• Convenient on/off switch (most pumps lack on/off ability.)
• Built-in GFI outlet (you may not have a GFI handy, so this is safer.)
• Extending power cord, stored inside box when not in use


  • Drummond 1/10 Non-Submersible Transfer Pump #63317 (Harbor Freight ~$55.00)
  • Bunker Hill Security Ammo Box #63135 (Harbor Freight ~ $6.00) (4-1/2"W x 7.1"H)
  • GFI Outlet/Switch Combo (Home Depot ~$30.00). -- purchased from eBay for less.
  • Chord Plug (Home Depot ~ $4.00)
  • 4 3/4 FH x 3/4 MIP Garden Hose Adapters (Home Depot ~$7.00/ea - Everbilt FLA-679)
  • Outlet Box (Home Depot ~ $1.00)
  • Nylon Outlet Cover (Home Depot ~ .53)

Step 1: Box Prep

1) Peel off sticker.

2) Place pump inside box, position pump as close to edge of box as you can, as you will need the space in the back later. Pump will not sit flush at the bottom, rather it will rest about 1-2" above the bottom, based on the narrowing sides of the box.Those two funny images show the base of the pump suspended above the bottom of the ammo box.

3) Estimate location. Use 1.25" hole saw to drill the holes.
Drill bit can easily slide across the plastic, as you can see I scratched up an edge w/the drill.

4) Flip the box upside down, and use a small drill bit to drill a few drainage holes.

Step 2: Assemble Outlet

1) Attach outlet box to ammo box. Flush top edges together.
I made small shims to insert inside the latch lock for the screws to bite.

2) Cut the power cord off the pump, allowing enough room to comfortable reach the outlet.
This will void your warrantee. Warrantee practically useless anyway.

3) Drill a hole for the power cord to exit the ammo box.

4) Assemble the outlet. Run the cut-off wire through the hole drilled in step three (3), and connect the wire to the outlet. (You will need to look online if you are not familiar w/how to wire an outlet.)

5) Attach the outlet plug to the pump wire.

6) Attach outlet cover. You will need to trim the plate cover and cut out notches for the lit to properly close.

In the last image, bottom of photo under the prongs of the outlet, you will see the little shims used for the outlet screws to bite. Painted them black to blend.

Step 3: Attach Garden Hose Adapters

1) Attach Garden Hose Adapters

NOTE: Each side will have TWO adapters. I clamped these down very tightly.


Update: There was a small leak from the right side, so while doing the job I simply attached the hose directly to the pump. Afterwards, discovered that the adapters on the right needed a slightly different thread to be leak proof for the hose.(sorry, do not have the adapter specifics...double check w/your plumbing associate.)

Step 4: TEST!