Introduction: Transfering Software

How to copy your programs from one system to the next. Microsoft claims this is
impossible. Well, our job is about doing just that. This is mainly for programs which can't be downloaded normally like an older version of HRBlock which might open an older file. Also its good for bragging rights :)

1. Copy the program folder/s from Program Files to the same folder on the new system (it may work in other places, but never had the time or resources to test out everything)

Some programs will run at this point (like VLC) for those that don't, read on:

some programs have more folders in the following locations. These generally have the user info for that program: /Program Files/Common Files/

nameofuser/AppData/ look in LocalNow,Local and Roaming for your program and copy it to the same place on the current system.

Download and install all Visual C++ redistributables and runtimes and the .NET framework

this solves the ugly "side by side Microsoft/Apple configuration errors"

some links here:

Have fun running your exclusive software. The only catch,is the keys for some software don't stick, I haven't yet tried transferring registry keys But feel free to try it and let me know.