Introduction: Transform Old Laptop to a Stunning Multi Function Tools

The laptop is always attached to us with a memory. Maybe you get a gift when you go to college, or win a certain title. Time, whether you like it or not, you can't continue to use it for your work. But you can use the old laptop for many different purposes. Those memories will always be with you. Let's start my friend.

Step 1: All We Need



An old laptop. Some of the remaining components such as fans, led, switches, and batteries can easily be found in the old stuff. For example, an old computer source will provide you with a fan, switch ...

Step 2: Let's Get Started

We will follow the following diagram, it is very easy for you guys. We will need 4 switches. 1 main switch to power off the system. 1 switch for fan, 1 switch for led light, 1 switch for auto light when dark. In the next step we will handle each small component, guys.

Step 3: 1. Battery

We will take advantage of old battery cells. We will remove damaged battery cells. My computer has 9 cells, it only breaks 3 cells. I made 1 3S2P circuit as schematic.

Of course you can also use external battery packs. But I want to keep the original version of the laptop with me a lot of memories.

If you have benzene solubility solution. Your job will be easier. I use 530 solution as you can see.

Step 4: 2.1 Laptop Case

- We will need to cut off the board section and the excess frame. You will cut it so you can add a fan.

- We cut acrylic sheet for screen part. Also drill 3 small holes to attach the LED automatically to light when it is dark.

- You will need one more acrylic sheet, we will drill the hole so that the wind from the fan below can blow up. Of course we can also use the old keyboard by removing the entire key.

Step 5: 2.2 Laptop Case

When cutting off the laptop's motherboard, we keep the ports and connections to the battery.

Step 6: 3.1 Led

We will use 12v led bar to make led lighting. Here we need a module to control the brightness.

How to connect the module is quite simple, it only has input and output, you will easily recognize it when holding it in your hand.

Step 7: 3.2 Auto Led

We will take advantage of old components to make simple auto-light circuits. You do not need to choose the exact parts as shown. Just almost exactly like that.

Step 8: This Is Our Result

Here we use it as a led night light, it will automatically light up when it's dark.

We use it as a tracing stencil board.

We use it as a laptop cooling pad.

We use it as a book light.

We use it to light up when we lose power.

Of course you can add speakers, add clock, FM radio ... The space inside our laptop is very much. Good luck. You can see more details at the clip. Thank you for reading

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