Introduction: Turn Your EOS M100 Into a Webcam

The Canon EOS M100 is a suitable entry level camera for vlogs, streams or as a better webcam.

With a cheap HDMI grabber and a script, your can turn your EOS M100 into a webcam or streaming camera.

Start with the instructions & script from the github repo or read them here for the overview.

Step 1: Install Clean HDMI Output

Usually, you can't output a clean HDMI signal with the EOS M100, but as you will see, that can be changed.

For all installation instructions and download of the clean hdmi script, head over to the Github repo.

Install the script and you're ready to go!

Step 2: Start the Script

Each time you're gonna power on the camera, you'll need to start the script to hide all overlays. That's easy!

Before, make sure your camera is off and your mode dial is set to video.

  • Press play (this powers on the camera)
  • Press set once
  • Press play to leave into camera mode

Step 3: Setup Your Cam on OBS

  • Add a new source: Video Capture Device
  • Select the HDMI grabber (it has a test signal to help you finding it)
  • Activate the virtual webcam if you want to use your camera as webcam

Step 4: Optional: Set a 4:3 Aspect Ratio and More

Go to File > Settings > Video and set both resolution parameters to your preference.

If you want a 4:3 ratio webcam, use something like 1440x1080.

This might also prevent your conference software from squeezing the video!