Transform a DIY Candy Bar Into a Professional One

Introduction: Transform a DIY Candy Bar Into a Professional One

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If you are part of the Instructables Community, you love DIYs. Making something for a party is the perfect way to share your passion for creating and let others enjoy it.

Today I´ll show you how to make your Candy Bar, or Dessert Table look professional. All the pictures I´ll share with you are from my daughter´s and nephews´ parties I´ve decorated. After years of practice I think my DIY candy tables look pretty good.

You don´t have to go through all that trial and error, just follow these steps and your guests will be surprised and won´t believe you made it by yourself.

Step 1: Add Fresh Flowers.

Just make sure they match your color scheme, or you can use vases that do match. A clear vase with just greenery will look perfect no matter which other colours are in your table.

It's amazing how flowers bring so much life, and at the end you can gift the bouquet to someone special, the hostess or that cool aunt that helped you cooking.

Step 2: Replace a Common Tablecloth With a Nice Fabric.

You will instantly see the difference. If you buy a couple of yards of fabric and make your own tablecloth by sewing or gluing the hems it will be really affordable.

Step 3: Choose the Color Scheme for Your Party Based on the Decorations You Already Have in Your House.

Or if you are planning your baby shower think in the decorations you would like in the nursery, then develop everything around that theme and color palette. This way you can buy or make an awesome sign and then hang it in the nursery.

Step 4: Use Decorations You Already Have in Your House.

This is the best tip I can give you, it will really bring your candy bar to the next level, and won't cost you anything. You'll have to think outside the box, and re-use what you already have. Use frames, suitcases, globes, candles, vases... In the above picture, those are actually candle holders, and instead of candles, I put candies.

Step 5: Borrow Key Elements.

Now that you can see house decorations as statement pieces for your candy bar, next time you visit your sister, mom, best friend, pay special attention at their home decor. Some items that they have might be perfect for your party. In the picture above I borrowed that trunk and with some jewels and chocolate coins I made it look like a treasure chest.

Visit my blog to see more pictures of these parties and other party tips and DIYs.

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