Introduction: Transformer Jump Drive

My name is Joe Carr, I am thirteen and I love instructables. This is my first instructable, so go easy on me please, and don't forget to vote. 
Have you ever lost an important picture or file, just because you CANT FIND YOUR JUMP DRIVE. you Have to question EVERYBODY in the house until somebody pipes up and says the dreaded words" O,  I think I  set it somewhere." Then you check  the entire house, garage, car, minivan, and porch,  just to find it in your desk drawer, that you  looked in five times. Well The Transformer USB eliminates that scenario, and any closely resembling it. It is bulky, easy to spot out, and most kids in the house will know were it is. 

Transformer, transformers are pretty easy to modify and add stuff too because they have bulky parts that are hollow and can be taken apart with a screwdriver. Find one with decent sized arms, big enough to fit your jump drive into. And make sure it is held together with screws not glue. Additionally make sure the arm comes off with a detachable joint. I used a remake of the original Inferno Toy. If you do not want to damage your transformer, you could use its gun... lots of options

Jump drive, most any jump drive will do.

 Small tool set that has screwdrivers and wire cutters
X-acto Knife 

If you don't like transformers,you can modify this Idea to suit other toys. like maybe go-bots..                                                                                            

Step 1: Opening Your Arm and Jump Drive

  1. Unscrew the arm from the shoulder, then unscrew any other screws holding it together. It may have clips.. mine did not but just try to not harm the outside plastics.
  2. pry open the jump drive casing and take the the small circuit out. 

Step 2: Hollow Out the Arm

  1. After opening the arm, remove and discard the hand. (unless you have a good idea on what to do with it) With my transformer USB drive the plug head replaces the hand.
  2. Proceed with a little dissection using your wire clippers to cut of any pegs in the middle
  3. Cut a hole withe your wire clippers for the drive plug to come out, take your time and carefully cut away little by little till it fits just right.
  4. if there are plastic pegs or blocks on the edge of where the circuit is going, carve them away till the circuit fits just right. 

Step 3: The Glueing

  1. take the outside edge of your arm and fill it with hot glue up to the edge of the hole for your drive plug.
  2. fill the other side of the arm with hot glue then squeeze super glue along the edges and quickly stick it on. Make sure to replace the shoulder joint on the peg before joining the two sides, unless you want a severed arm jump drive.
  3. squeese hot glue along the exposed jump drive edge, be careful to do this neatly. clean off any excess.