Transforming Flex Card




Introduction: Transforming Flex Card

I was recently invited to a party, and I wanted to make a card for the recipient. However, I am a strong believer in making gifts special, and so I was racking my mind on how to make my card interesting. I came across an advertising card that I got a few days earlier and I copied it. This is the result. Please not that you cannot see how cool it is unless you make it. Its easy, so have a go.


Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Lightweight card
-A pencil
-A craft knife
-A ruler
-Something to score with (the pen cap in the image)

Step 2: Card Size

To begin, you will need a piece of card with sides of a 1:2 ratio. In this example, I use 16cm x 8cm.
Cut it out.

Step 3: Ruling Lines

Make markings along the card on the long side 2/8, 3/8, 5/8 and 6/8 ths the way. (4cm, 6cm, 10cm and 12cm in the picture)
Do the same on the other side and rule lines.

Step 4: More Markings

Along the outermost lines you have just ruled, make more markings 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 the way on both sides. Rule a line across the middle markings as shown in the red.

Step 5: Cutting the Insides

Cut along the red middle line, shown here in red. Then cut along the off-centre markings shown in red in the 4th image.

Step 6: Scoring

Now score along the lines shown in blue in the image. They are simply on the existing lines that aren't cut, as well as perpendicular to the side markings.

Fold the centre four folds, the inner two being valley folds (down) and the outer two being mountain folds (up) as shown in the 2nd picture.

Step 7: Gluing

This is where you should currently be at. Glue on the REVERSE faces with the red dots (2nd pic). It should only cover the area of the square that the dot is in (easier to visualize in real life).
Re-pleat the folds made in step 6 and push down the glued areas. Wait until they are COMPLETELY dry before moving on. Otherwise, it explodes.

Step 8: Final Folds

Your card should look like this now (my fingers just pressing on the glued areas). Valley fold along the scoring lines you made in step 6, shown here again in blue.

Step 9: Done!

That's pretty much it. When it is in a square form it should look like an H from the top.
To use, follow the images below.

-To make the flexing as smooth as possible, score over the folds several times.
-Once you have made it once, you pretty much do not need to rule the lines. Just put markings instead.
-Decorate the card. All the faces except for the cross have unique layers. In fact, every single part of the card is at some point visible throughout the flexing process except the glued faces.
-Despite so many pictures and steps, this card is actually extremely simple to make and fast. It only took be 10 mins.

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