Introduction: Transistor Controlled Motor With Remote Control;Circuit Overview

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This circuit is a transistor controlled motor with a remote.The remote control turns the power on .

The transistor will turn on the motor .The Code of the program will increase the speed of the motor and then decrease the motor speed until zero .Then the motor will turn off

Step 1: Electric Components Used in the Circuit

Materials used in the circuit are ;1 IR remote (Tinkercad)

1 IR remote receiver ( Tinkercad)

! transistor ;NPN ;

2 resistors 1k (brown ,black ,red)

1 diode

1 hobby geared motor ( Tinkercad)

Arduino Uno


Step 2: How the Transistor Works .

The transistor used in the circuit is a NPN .

The transistor has 3 parts

They are ;an emitter ,base and collector .

The current flows from the collector to the base and then emitter .

The voltages are applied to the collector (5volts) an base (in this circuit a pulsed voltages form the arduino pin)

The transistor will run the motor .

Step 3: The Diode

The diode in this circuit protects the power supply from reverse voltage from the motor.

Step 4:

This shows the decreasing motor speed.

Step 5: The Arduino Code

Step 6: About the Circuit

This project show how you can use a transistor controlled circuit to drive a motor .

The remote will turn on the power .

The Arduino Code will increase the motor speed until maximum and them decrease the speed of the motor .

It was made on Tinkercad ,It was tested on Tinker cad and works

It was an interesting project for me

I hope it helps you understand transistors remotes and motors and how they can be used for circuits .

Thank you

Step 7: The Decreasing Motor Speed

The remote was turn on and the motor is running(168 rpm)

Step 8: The Motor Is Decreasing Speed

Step 9: Conclusion

This project shows how a transistor controlled circuit (with remote and Arduino Code) can control the speed of a motor .

It was made on Tinkercad .It was tested and works .

I enjoyed this project .

Hope you understand transistor controlled motor circuits.

The link from Tinkercad you can try .You may have to sign in to Tinkercad to use it though.