Introduction: Transparent Magnet Folder/pouch

I got some stickers,and they kept folding and so I decided to make something to protect it.So I made the transparent magnet folder.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: 1.Magnet tape 2.Magic tape 3.Scissors 4.Transparent book roll

Step 2: Size of Folder

First cut how big the folder.And then double the size and cut it.Then fold it in half and also check its the size you want.

Step 3: Fold and Cut

Then cut out the uneven bits so that it would be straight.(the picture above is very rough for example.)

Step 4: Pouchy Beginnings

Tape the side so that it looks like a pouch and then cut out a piece of magnet tape the same length of the long side of the pouch.then cut it in half and peel of the paper on the sticky side of the magnet tape.

Step 5: Almost Done

Then after that you take the magnet tape and stick it on both sides like the pic above.

Step 6: Done!

Then you're done!Now my stickers are save and sound.Here's a tip: you can make a pouch but without the magnet and put it inside a pouch with a magnet and tape the sides and BOOM.You have a transparent magnet folder that has pockets.Thanks for looking at my intructable.
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