Introduction: TrapR

Most of the time the ball is being shot around. But sometimes it gets trapped! The TrapR holds the ball until it gets enough input to push out the ball again. It even knows when it has caught a ball and might provoke some negative points...

Step 1: Invent

Sadly, my concept didn't work out. I tried to push a platform by using a kind of rotating screw, but it wouldn't properly push up. The platform got caught in the rails or the screw disattached from the servo.

Maybe it is possible to use gears-wheals and a gear rack to implement the movement?

The module would need a mikrocontroller to operate the servo. For testing purposes I used an Arduino outside of the module, but idealy you would put a small controller inside the module that accepts analog input.

You can use the files attached below. The .svg is quite complicated. Use the photos above as a guide to assemble this (not well functioning) variant.

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    5 years ago

    How about a small rack and pinion?