Introduction: Trash Basketball

The goal of this instructable is to create a cardboard basketball hoop that mounts onto most garbage cans, making garbage disposal into something that’s fun.

Material needed: Cardboard, Heavy Duty Tape (preferably Gorilla Tape), Scissors or a razor blade, Tape Measure, Garbage Can, String or cord that is flexible to help measure round surfaces, and a Writing utensil (preferably a marker).

Warning: Children will need parent supervision as a razor and/or scissors will be used.

Note: Click on images to get full view of what should be displayed throughout this instructable.

Step 1: Measurements Set-up

Get Supplies and trash can ready to measure and create the dimensions paper as shown above. Tape measure should be in inches and all measurements are taken in inches.

The measurements needed are the perimeter, width, and height of the can. Note these on the dimensions sheet.

Step 2: Measure Perimeter of Can

  1. Use a wire or string to wrap around opening of garbage can as shown in the picture above.
  2. Mark the beginning and the end of the string with you fingers and measure the length of the string from where you marked it.
  3. This value is the perimeter of the trash can and you can mark this down on the dimensions sheet.

Step 3: Measure Height of Can

  1. Start with the bottom of the can being 0 and align the tape measure vertically so that the tape measure is as shown in the above pictures.
  2. The number at the top of the trash can in the cans height. Mark that down on the dimensions sheet.

Step 4: Measure Width of Can

  • If the can is a rectangle measure the longest side of the rectangle.
  • It it is a cylinder measure straight across the top in the middle to get diameter, this will be the width in this project. Mark this down on the dimensions sheet.

Step 5: Build Backboard

Use a piece of cardboard with no folds in it because this will be the backboard of basketball hoop and it needs to be sturdy. To increase the stability of the backboard it is recommended to cut out 2 pieces of cardboard and taping them together.

  1. The width of the backboard will be the same as the width of the trash can. This will be the longer side of the backboard.
  2. To calculate the height you will need to take the ratio of the width and height of a real backboard and use it to get the height of the backboard you are creating now to get proportionality correct. We did most of the ratios for you so all you need to do it plug in the measurements and use a calculator to get the height.
  3. The calculations should look like this 42/(72/your width of the backboard) and this is the height of the backboard.
  4. Now draw outline of dimensions on cardboard and cut out cardboard into rectangle.
  5. You can repeat this again so there are 2 identical rectangles as we stated earlier to ensure stability. If you do this place each cardboard piece on top of each other and tape the rectangles edges together.

Step 6: Build Rim

In this step you will build the rim of the hoop using a long thin piece of cardboard.

  1. First find Perimeter of rim. Use calculator and take .5 and multiply it by the perimeter of the can. It should look like this in a calculator (1/2)*(your perimeter of the can here).
  2. Now draw out dimensions of rim on cardboard and cut out to have long rectangle of cardboard.
  3. Last tape ends together to make a circle and now you can tape the rim to the backboard like the picture above.

Step 7: Build Base

The base piece is the piece that will hold up the backboard above the trash can. For this step you will need a long piece of cardboard.

You will want the backboard to hang right on top of the trash can so there is no gap between the can and the backboard.

  1. To accomplish this we need to make the height of the base piece the same as the height of the trash can and the height of the backboard.
  2. To get the width of this piece proportional to the backboard you will need to calculate (⅖)*(your width of the backboard)
  3. Now draw out dimensions of base on cardboard and cut into long rectangle of cardboard.
  4. To keep this piece stable fold it into a V shape. To fold you will need to make a slight incision into cardboard the long way as centered as possible. Careful not to make the incision all the way through the cardboard but only through the first layer. Note: This is easiest with a razor but you can still use use scissors.
  5. Now fold into V shape and tape to keep it in place.
  6. Then you can connect this to the backboard by taping this centered on the back of the backboard but where the top of the base is even with the top of the backboard. Then check to see if the backboard will rest right on top of the trash can

Step 8: Build Base Connector

The base connector piece will keep the hoop connected to the trash can without having to use tape on the can. If you do not mind taping the base to the can then you can skip this step and tape the hoop to the can to keep it connected.

  1. The perimeter of the trash bin will be the perimeter of the base connector.

  2. The height of the base connector will always be 4 inches and no calculation is needed for this.

  3. Draw out dimensions of base attachment and cut into long rectangle.
  4. You can wrap this around the bottom of the can and tape it to the base of the hoop now keeping the hoop connected and stable

Step 9: