Introduction: Trash Box - Interlocked Slices

This is a simple Trash box which was made with 2D laser cutting system.

Step 1: Shape Shifter to Create a Base Shape

I used Shape Shifter website to create a base shape.

There are many presets and you can adjust parameters as you like.
I exporetd data as OBJ format for 2D Laser cutter this time.
It is also possible to export as STL format for 3D printing.

Step 2: Editing in 123D Make

I imported OBJ data in 123D Make to specify subdivide divisions and so on.

2D layout data was exported in EPS format.

Step 3: Edit in Illustrator

I used Illustrator to clean up layout.
I also edited sharp corners to round.
I exported it in .ai format for cutting

Step 4: Laser Cutting !

Let's start a laser cutting.
I used a facility Fablab Shibuya in Tokyo.

I cut 4 sheets of 3mm acrylic acid resins.

Step 5: Finishing

I used a sand paper to make edges smoother.

The last step is to assemble components.

Step 6: Finished Goods

It's a simple design, but it's good enough for a practical use.