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Introduction: Trash Can Lamp

About: I'm a musician, crafter, dessert lover and proud grandma.

I'm always finding new ways to give a second chance to items that will otherwise end up in the trash can.
Sometimes I've had to dig in my trash can to find that empty box that will complete the project I'm working at.

My trash can has been there for years. It's a pretty standard one, nothing special. But since the makerpace contest, I've been thinking of making 24/7, that´s when I saw it differently. Can't believe it has been under my nose all these years.

And I loved how it turned out. I like to think this trash can was meant to be a beautiful elegant lamp. Happily it'll spend many more years receiving compliments, giving light and beautifying my home.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Crystal beads

Thin wire (I used more than 100m)

A metal mesh trash can



Silver or black spray paint

Step 2: Paint the Trash Can.

As you can see in the materials picture, my old trash can wasn´t in perfect condition. It was smashed at the bottom, so before painting it I tried to bend the metal back to its original shape. At this point It wasn´t perfect, but don´t worry, when we add the beads it will get completely fixed.

Start painting the trash can. I painted it silver first but then I realized black will look better. It contrasts better with the beads.

Step 3: Add the Beads

This step is time consuming. But simple enough that you can make it while watching tv.

Grab a piece of wire and tie it at the top of the lamp.

Put a bead and wrap the wire it around the bottom bar (as shown in the picture)

Then add the next bead.

Work on a diagonal line. Adding more wire as needed.

Step 4: Variations.

You can choose to cover it entirely, or to make some kind of pattern with the beads. Like stripes.

Because its basically a grid, you could make many shapes with the beads. Like a letter or number, a heart, star, geometric shapes, you name it.

You can even use different colours of beads and make more complicated designs.

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Have an excellent day!

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    4 years ago

    As a fellow wire and crystal artist, I find this stunning!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! that´s such a sweet comment!