Introduction: Trash Water Bottles Made Into a BOAT (Dumpster Motor)

Hi this boat took a while to collect all the bottles but once that was complete everything else was a breeze, there's roughly 120 bottles held together by tape and adhesive foam filling spray.
This boat is fully functional and will float and support passengers. 12v battery spins the propellers , paddles controller turning.

Step 1: Collect Your Bottles

Collect your bottles, once you have collected enough bottles you can imagine the shape of your boat, if you look up on Google boat hull shapes, this will help a lot in the process of your design .Basically you could make any type of boat you want as long as you have the bottles with caps,
which bottles to be found anywhere along the side of the roads, highways, parks and woods. PLEASE REcycle ♻️ And if you do you probably have a stash lbs*

Step 2: Assembly of the Body

Depending on the shape of the boat you choose, (flat typically being the simplest.) Stack your bottles the best you can by similar size, even 2 Liter bottles would work. I found the easiest way was to stack my bottles in pyramid forms and taping them together for further a-due steps, if you follow my method make all your sections before filling gaps between each bottle with your adhesive foam spray can, The more contact your bottles have the stonger the boat will be. And this leads us to the foam filling...

Step 3: Using Adhesive Foam Filler

Once you have all of your sections completed , Set sections close together, Fill in between air space between each bottle of each section, filling the foam to attach two sections at a time. But quickly connecting them all inorder to have a stronger boat. ( please be careful when doing so the foam is very sticky, use gloves ) be sure when your next connecting side of the boat section is only filled halfway through allowing the foam to act and dry as a mold holding the sections together . As one side dries some you can begin to add section by section as the foam becomes more firm. Allow about 10 minutes between each filling, the foam will expand a-lot. Even more over night. Be sure watch the form over the next coouple hours pushing the boat back into place as the foam expands. making sure the sections dry as one solid fill. Wait over night then cut away access dried foam for a smooth glide.

Step 4: Motors and Strengthening Your Build

Strengthening your build,
I decided to glue some scrap wood for a solid hold and I was able to mount a battery for the power wheels motor I decided to add after the boat was built, i added another section to the back with the motor set in with a cushioned back roller connected in with the new section i glued across the solid back end of the boat build for support. And ran the + and - cords through the bottles new section before foam filling. For a neat look.
Depending on your style boat build things could be slightly different methods and all but over all water bottles float and would be a quick fun way to enjoy the hot up coming weather.

i would be happy to answer any questions at my email

Step 5: Your Done! ♻️

Now you have a boat lighter than most.
Water ready for great day in the sun! Please recycle and help the earth strive once again.

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