Introduction: Trash to Treasure

Turn an old desk onto a cute vanity/desk

Step 1: Sanding

Start by sanding you desk so the paints sticks.
This is an old desk I found on the side of the road going to the trash. Very sturdy. But very UGLY!

Step 2: Paint

Pick your color. I chose white. For this little desk I used two cans of high gloss white. I sprayed it once, then came back and gave it a good second coat. The top of this was some type of linoleum so I had to sand, sand, and sand some more. I found this green patterned contact paper and used it on the top wrapping it slightly over the edge.
I finished it off with decorative trim molding painted with the same high gloss white,and covered the raw edges of the top covered with contact paper.
** after everything dried, I added a couple of layers of polyurethane gloss. My daughter has been using it for a couple of years now and it's still in good shape.
Trash to treasure