Introduction: Trash/scrap Collector/trough

Trash/scrap collector/trough can be used to collect scraps from counters and make the cleanup process much easier!

Step 1: Materials

In order to make your own trough you will need some basic materials that can be replaced with others if preferred.

We used:

  • 4 Wooden dowels
    • 2: 12'' long
    • 2: 26" long
  • Fabric
    • Nylon or cloth 10" x 26"
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3D printer (preferred) OR binder clips
  • Scissors
  • Knife (for cutting into wooden dowels)

Step 2: Basic Structure

Place the wooden dowels on a flat surface and place in the shape of a rectangle like pictured above. (not to scale)

The dowels placed on the left and right side should be parallel to one another just like the 26" dowel on the top should be parallel to the other 26" dowel. The bottom 26" should be place approximately 7" away from the other 26" dowel.

With a pen, mark where all the pieces connect so as to create an outline of where the grooves need to be cut out--like a log house.

Step 3: Structure

Next, use a knife to cut divots into the wood to make the wooden dowels fit well together when hot glued.

Once the cuts have been made, hot glue the pieces together! Make sure to have the 26" pieces on top of the 12" pieces.

Step 4: Fabric!

Then, take your fabric and cut it so it fits across the top of the rectangle and has room to droop in the middle (to collect the trash).

Once you have measured and cut the fabric, hot glue it around the first wooden dowel.

Step 5: 3D Printing a C Clamp-like Thing

Next, you are going to need to figure out how your product will connect to the table. We first thought binder clips would work, but our tables were too thick and unfortunately they wouldn't stay on.

**IF you're table is thinner than 1'' than feel free to use binder clips and skip this step! Binder clips are easy to put on and remove making your trash collector movable to other tables!

However, if your table is not thinner than 1", then if you can, use a 3D printer and Tinkercad to design a clamp that will cling to the table and keep your trash trough horizontal.

We designed a clamp that was 6" long and 1" wide. The bottom part had a hole for the wooden dowel (which we measured) and was 1" high. On top of that, we had a thin segment that would be flush with the vertical part of the table. and finally, the top piece was 2" long and 1/2" high. These numbers can be adjusted to the size of the table, trough and preference.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Now that you have two 3D printed clamps, slide them on to the end of the dowels, hot glue the fabric so that it droops in the middle and attaches to all 4 sides (leaving no room for scraps to fall through), and use your product!