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Introduction: Travel Brochure in Spanish

Creating a travel guide in Spanish is an activity which could be done in any level Spanish class. The guide I have demonstrated would most likely be used in a Spanish III or IV class since the future tense verbs would be used. However, this could be modified to use present or past tense in order for a beginner level class to do.

Objective: The student will research different aspects of a Spanish speaking country such as culture, geography, landmarks, and historical sites. The student will use new and old vocabulary to create a travel brochure about their target country. After completing the travel guide, the student will compose five recommendations for someone traveling to the country (each five need to be in a different subject: (I, You, He/She, We, You Guys, They) and compose five sentences conjugating verbs to the future tense explaining what they will do when they visit the country (these also need to touch the five different subjects).

By doing this Spanish Travel Guide, students will demonstrate the knowledge of using present and future tense verbs. The guide will also show that students are able to use research techniques to find information and present the information in a meaningful way. By researching a specific country, students will gain an appreciation for different cultures and history in another country.

Materials: Construction paper, computer, printer, colored pencils and/or markers, glue, tape, and a pencil. If students desire to use a different material to make their brochure they can bring in other materials such as cardboard.

Step 1: Select a Country

Students will select one of the following twenty Spanish speaking countries that they would like to research. Ideally, each student will select a different country.
1. Spain 
2. Guatemala
3. Honduras
4. El Salvador
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. Panama
8. Cuba
9. Dominican Republic
10. Puerto Rico
11. Mexico
12. Venezuela
13. Colombia
14. Ecuador
15. Peru
16. Bolivia
17. Uruguay
18. Paraguay
19. Chile
20. Argentina

Step 2: Research the Country

Students will need to research different aspects to add to their travel brochure. The guide must include:
• At least two popular cultural events
• At least two major historic places to visit
• One must try dish cuisine
• Recommended method of travel
• Two major cities (one including the capital of the country)
• An interesting cultural aspect or celebration

Step 3: Pictures

After researching important information, students will need to draw or print pictures which depict their information.

Step 4: Layout & Design

Students will decide their layout and design of the brochure. This includes choosing where to put what topics & how to integrate them in a way which will appeal to the reader.

Step 5: Place Pictures

After designing a layout for the guide, students will now need to glue or tape their pictures to the guide in the spots they have designated. Students must be sure to leave enough room to add the information corresponding to the pictures.

Step 6: Add Information

Students will now need to add their information to the guide explaining the significance of the photos.

Step 7: Future Tense Sentences

After writing the information about the pictures, students will need to write one sentence in the future tense about what they will do relating to the picture. There needs to be one sentence for each subject (I, You, He/She, We, They).

Step 8: Recommendations

One spot of the guide will be designated for students to create recommendations for someone preparing to travel to the target country. The recommendations will be done in the present tense and must include each subject (I, You, He/She, We, They).

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