Introduction: Travel Games

I got bored one day at the doctors so when I finally got home I thought I should make a anti-boredom project. This project is fully customizable and easy to do. It is made up with cards, pickup sticks, and other fun games.

Step 1: Find a Box

You first need to find a durable box that can hold lots of items such as card, pens, and other thing that size. I chose a vaultz box that you can purchase at Target or online. I got mine for 11 bucks.

Step 2: Making and Finding Games

For this step you can do anything that you want. I bought a pack of cards at a gas station for 99 cents . I also made a checker/chess board that is foldable. I made it with cardboard and traced a penny for a template. Then I went to google images and found printable chess pieces. And then cut them the size of the cardboard which was also the size of the penny. I flipped one side of the board and spray painted half white and half black for the set. Then put Elmer's glue to stick the printed pieces to the cardboard and now you have on one side a checker piece and chess on the other. I made mini pick up sticks with bamboo skewers and then cut them to fit in the box and colored them with colored sharpie. And added a dry erase board for scores, tic tac toe and other games. Plus you can add what you want.

Step 3: Finishing It Up

This is my travel set and hope this helped and gave you guys an idea on a project. Hope you have fun:)