Introduction: Travel Sized Candles

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The perfect present for a candle lover is always a candle! This isn't just any candle though, it is a small candle that can fit in any bag ready to light up a dark room wherever it may be. And with a few dots of essential oils it will burn with a wonderful smell.

While candle making may seem intimidating it is actually quite straightforward! It is quick to set up, easy to make, and effortless to clean up. With just a few minutes of work you can end up with an amazing product that will wow all who see it.

Step 1: Materials/Supplies

The beauty of this project is that it only needs a few things, a majority of which can be bought at a dollar store or found around the house!

Supplies and Materials

  • Candle wax or old candles
  • Small pot
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tin mint container or any container to hold the candle
  • Tin can
  • Candle wicks
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Colored wax (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the Container

Before we can get to melting and pouring wax, the container needs to be ready.

To prepare the container, take of any unwanted labels and put in a wick.

To make the wick, measure the wick material against the edge of your container and cut the needed amount. It should not bend when the container is closed but needs to be long enough so it is not covered by wax. Once the wick is cut use the hot glue gun to place a dot of hot glue on the end of the wick. Place this in the center of the container and hold down until it is secure. Test the wick height by closing the lid and cutting it if necessary.


To get rid of stickers or sticker residue put rubbing alcohol (or another substance with a similar alcohol as an active ingredient) onto a paper towel. Place/rub the paper towel onto the sticker or sticker residue until it is fully off.

Step 3: Melt the Wax

Even though this part might seem difficult, it is actually one of the simplest parts.

Before you get to melting the wax you have to figure out how much melted wax would fit in the container. To do this I roughly measured the container onto the wax. Then I slowly chipped away with a knife until I got the amount of wax I needed. Put this wax in the tin can.

Now you can fill the pot with some water. There is not a specific amount of water, but I used a cup or two (~1/4 of the pot.)

Place the tin can in the water and turn on the stove to let the water simmer.


Use cake pop sticks to keep the tin can upright and allow even melting.

Step 4: Pour the Wax

Once the wax is thoroughly melted carefully pour it into the previously prepared container. The tin can will be very hot, so use an oven mitt or cloth to keep your hands from burning.

When pouring the hot wax take caution not to pour wax above any holes, as this will result in a spill (Its sounds obvious, but trust me...I learned the hard way). This means that you might want to double check your container to see where the holes are before you pour.

Now that the wax has been carefully poured into your container you are done with all necessary steps! Just let this harden for at least 3 hours and it will be ready to make any room smell good.

Step 5: Beautify the Candle *Optional*

If you chose a container that does not particularly suit your preferences, add some embellishments to change it up. Personally I liked my green case, so I did not make any changes (meaning no pictures.) However, below is a list that might spark some ideas if you wish to add to your sweet smelling candle.

  • rhinestones
  • paint
  • marker
  • stickers
  • colored glue

Now that you are done, enjoy!!

I would love to see pictures attached in the comments of travel candles you make so I can see the variety of ideas and creativity out there. As a collector of ideas, it would be great to make another candle and incorporate some of your ideas into it!

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