Travel Survival Guide

Introduction: Travel Survival Guide

In this instructable I will share with you some adivce on how to get through the worst when your traveling by yourself, or with family or friends.

Not saying you'll be like Clark Grizwold traveling to wall world, but just in case you run into similar trouble here are 3 tips.

Step 1: Before the Fun Starts

Always keep up to date information of your route.

Be full of knowledge with gas prices in each state and also be cautious of

Signs WARNING you about how far the next gas station will be.

You should also travel near safe family friendly area's

Step 2: Being Smart

If you do happen to travel in a place you might not belong chances are:

Your going to get robbed.

Before this happens I want to share with you a personal experience.

I was in a ghetto part of Chicago and I thought I should hide my valuables somewhere.

I didn't have much but I did have a McDonald's cup that was empty.

It seems like trash, but its the perfect disguises to any criminal mind.

So I put my watch, 600 cash, and a ring inside so if anyone was to want my wallet.

The would get little reward out of it. Thank God nothing happened but you might not be as luck as I was.

Step 3: Enjoy

The last tip of advise isn't much to some but is the most important to me.

Enjoy your traveling, it may not be much but it's an adventure that you got to take it's also another part of the globe you got to step foot on.


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    4 years ago

    We have to make sure to secure everything in the back yard because the wind is so strong here. If we leave it there it'll blow away!