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Have you got a busy life, or are you just naturally unorganised? Or you might just want a few extra tips to make your life a little bit easier traveling.

If so you have found the right instructable . I hope this can come in use to you as the holidays are here and most of you are going abroad.

Step 1: Write a List of Everything

I know this may seem like a faff but actually organisation is key when it comes to packing. So i highly recommend writing a list or all the different items of clothing that you will need to take and every thing that is going to go in your hand luggage.

The day before you depart lay out everything you're taking on your bed/floor and tick it off your list as it goes into the suit case. This way there will be no stress leaving your house/apartment that you have forgotten something.

Step 2: Add a Lock to Your Suitcase

It is very important that you have a lock on your suitcase as it looks less of a target to thieves and it prevents your belongings falling out your suitcase.

Im sure many of you will pack valuable items in your main luggage and would be devastated if anything got stolen.

(you can get locks from your local post office or at most locksmiths)

I recommend a combination lock as you don't have the extra stress of looking after a key. (Although the choice is yours)

Step 3: How to Pack Your Hand Luggage

You have to carry your hand luggage around everywhere at the airport, you can't just put it down and hope nobody will steal it.

To solve this problem you will need to pack lightly.

Did you know you only need 50% of what you would usually pack!

You should lay everything out and go through every item asking yourself the question "do i really need this" It may seem pointless but you will thank yourself for doing this when you get on the Plain.

Step 4: Bring Some Entertainment.

Some Plains will have a tv mounted onto the seat in front of you, and if this is the case you are pretty much sorted for the journey. But if not, you will have to pack some electronics in your hand luggage.

If you have some work to do, try to get it done before your holiday starts as you will be extremely busy. So the plane journey is the perfect time to do this. Pack your laptop in your hand luggage and get some work done, not only will this be a job done but you would have just burnt a few hours off your flight.

Electronics are great but packing a book is a brilliant idea especially if you don't usually have the time to read during the day.

Make sure you pack your charger

Step 5: Pack a Portable Charger.

One of the most annoying thing that can happen on a long plane journey is your phone/tablet runs out of battery. So i recommend purchasing a portable charger if you haven't already got one.

If you don't already know, a portable charger is a battery that you charge up and then you can plug your phone/tablet into it and it can fully charge a dead battery!

Step 6: Pack Some Ear Plugs

If your plain flight is overnight you will probably try and get some rest.

Airplanes do try and encourage sleeping by dimming the lights but this still isnt perfect.

A good way to get some sleep is by packing some earplugs and put them in your ears as you want to go to sleep. you can also pack an inflatable head cushion (inflatable is recommended as it maximises space for other things.)

Step 7: Pack an Empty Water Bottle

Airport security is really annoying they don't let you take liquids that exceed 100ml. So i recommend packing an empty water bottle in your hand luggage and once you are past security you can then go and fill it up.

Step 8: Role Your Clothes

If you hate folding clothes like me, packing can be annoying and difficult.

What i like to do is roll my clothes up and stack them in the suitcase. This is actually an effective way of saving space/time.

Step 9: Create a Playlist/podcast

Creating a playlist or podcast in advance of a long journey is brilliant as you can just sit back, zone out and listen you your favorite tunes.

Step 10: Go to the Toilet

Make sure that you go to the toilet BEFORE you get on the plane especially if you are sitting in the middle seat.

Step 11: Chew Some Gum

chewing gum is scientifically proven to release stress as your body thinks that you wouldn't eating if you were scared.

Step 12: Check Your Planes Maximum Bag Size

Before you go make sure your hand luggage fits your chosen planes requirements as each plane allows different sizes

EasyJet: 56 x 45 x 25 cm

Monarch: 56 x 40 x 25cm

Step 13: Wake Up in Good Time

On the morning of your journey you should wake up in good time to minimize stress and to go through all your final checklists. Have a nice refreshing shower and

Step 14: Hope This Helps

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