Introduction: Duct Tape Travel Document Organizer

Do you have a tendency to lose things even when you just had them a second before? Perhaps search the same bags/pockets several times before finding what you are looking for (which was, of course, in the first place you looked)? This trait can be especially frustrating when you need your boarding pass, passport, credit card and itinerary on hand.

Hopefully, you’re less of a mess than I am, but perhaps a travel document organizer would be useful for you as well. The duct tape construction makes it flexible enough to bend to fit in a pocket, but it is still big enough not to lose track of and/or accidentally throw out.

Step 1: Materials

Duct tape: Black, Blue, and Silver
Razor (if your scissors aren’t super-sharp)
Wooden board 6 inches wide by 9 inches in high. Should be hardwood if possible. Tape may pull off bits of pine or other softwoods. (Board is optional, but will make the project go must faster)

Step 2: Front and Back Cover

The board is just over half the size of folder 8.5 x 11 paper. Wrap tape completely around the board once.

Cut across board in the middle of one side and remove tape from board.

Fold sides down creating an evenly shaped rectangle. This is one side of the folder. Repeat to create second side.

Finish inside edge of each side by folding tape over.

Step 3:

Cut tape a couple inches longer than the side. Fold over edges for a cleaner finish, Place both sides on tape. Run another piece of tape over the inside. This keeps the seam easy to bend since it will have only two layers of tape.

Step 4: Inside Pockets

Create two more full size pieces of an alternate color using the wooden board. Fold new pieces in half, place on inside of cover and tape down the bottom and outside side edges. This will create the pockets on the front and leaving the top and inner edge free will create the pocket in which to store larger papers.

Use razor to cut any tape that overlaps pockets and use small pieces to tidy up the cut edges.

Step 5: Side Pockets

On one side, cut out about ¼ inch piece at the division point for passport and credit card. It doesn’t show up well here so I made a duct tape arrow to point it out.*

Tape over ¼ inch segment and tape down top edge of credit card pocket (affix to second layer of folded piece, not to the front cover as well).

* I now plan to make duct tape arrows for all my Instrucables to come!

Step 6:

At the end of the project I decided I wanted a silver edge, so I added another piece around the middle as before.

Now go somewhere : )

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