Introduction: Travelapse

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Following the directions from my images, it should be pretty straight forward to make your own motorized dolly.

But remember this requires a few more tricks than just 3D printing:

Buying parts online, most of them on ebay
Getting small fasteners
Machining pulleys to fit bearings
Soldering cables to motor

Luckily, everything is explained!

Step 1: BOM

Here is everything you will need to get to succeed.

STL Files available here as well as a pdf file with hyperlinks.

Step 2: Clamp

You will need to build 2 clamps.

Step 3: Carriage

Build your carriage.

Step 4: Motor

Assemble the motor and its gears.

Step 5: Further Details

Here are more details to help you to succeed.

* Belt length is 1990mm *

Step 6: Get Out There!

Go try it!

I used :

Magic Lantern on my EOS 7D for setting time-lapse
LR Timelapse & Lightroom for editing
After-Effect to render the video (sometimes I used a warp stabilization at 1 or 2% because of the wind..)

Good luck'

Step 7: Videos

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