Introduction: Trawlbourine

About: Empowering citizen scientists to track and together prevent marine pollution.

The instruction set to create an educational type of shore trawl in $30.

(The trawl is not yet tested. It will be tested on Feb 26 ,2017)

Step 1:

Prepare the materials.

Step 2:

Open the mesh wash bag, use the smaller bag

Step 3:

Place the Tambourine inside the mesh wash bag

Step 4:

Stretch the bag and put the tambourine closely to the edge

Step 5:

Insert the cable ties in one on the top and one on the bottom of each cymbals hole to stabilize the bag to tambourine.

Step 6:

It should look like this

Step 7:

Cut the wash bag to give spaces for the cymbals in order to let them make sounds

Step 8:

Join the yardstick with the tambourine using cable ties.

Step 9:

TADAA! Well done

Step 10: How to Process Samples

Check out how to process the samples collected.