Introduction: TrayBall (sometimes Known As MuffinBall...also Known As FreeFun)

When we were in college and completely broke, a few friends in our dorm came up with the concept of hunting for FreeFun. One of our best discoveries was TrayBall -- best played on the lawn behind the UCSB UCen, in front of the lagoon. Basically TrayBall is a cross between baseball, a food fight, and skim boarding.

Step 1: Borrowing

Discreetly (ahem) "borrow" a few of the plastic trays from the dining commons -- you need about 8.

Step 2: Muffin Prep

Swipe several muffins from the dining commons and let them dry out at the top of your roommate's closet for a few days. They have to be really hard to play TrayBall.

Step 3: Setting Up

Arrange the trays like bases of a baseball diamond -- it helps to have a downhill slope, with home plate being at the bottom, second base at the top. The lawn behind the UCSB UCen is perfect for this.

Step 4: How to Play

Divide into two teams and arrange yourselves like baseball outfielders/at batters.

The other team pitches a muffin to you, which you try to hit with your tray (held with two hands).

When you hit the muffin, hang onto your tray and run toward first base -- however, about 6 feet away, jump on your tray (bat) and slide into the plate (another tray). (like skim boarding without the ocean...and on a tray)

(Random google image pic, but right idea)

Step 5: Important Rules

If the muffin explodes, any part of the muffin can be used to throw a runner out. If there are multiple runners, many pieces of muffin can be used.

Teams play to three outs -- game is over when you run out of muffins or campus security kicks you off the lawn.

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