TrayBall (sometimes Known As MuffinBall...also Known As FreeFun)

Introduction: TrayBall (sometimes Known As MuffinBall...also Known As FreeFun)

When we were in college and completely broke, a few friends in our dorm came up with the concept of hunting for FreeFun. One of our best discoveries was TrayBall -- best played on the lawn behind the UCSB UCen, in front of the lagoon. Basically TrayBall is a cross between baseball, a food fight, and skim boarding.

Step 1: Borrowing

Discreetly (ahem) "borrow" a few of the plastic trays from the dining commons -- you need about 8.

Step 2: Muffin Prep

Swipe several muffins from the dining commons and let them dry out at the top of your roommate's closet for a few days. They have to be really hard to play TrayBall.

Step 3: Setting Up

Arrange the trays like bases of a baseball diamond -- it helps to have a downhill slope, with home plate being at the bottom, second base at the top. The lawn behind the UCSB UCen is perfect for this.

Step 4: How to Play

Divide into two teams and arrange yourselves like baseball outfielders/at batters.

The other team pitches a muffin to you, which you try to hit with your tray (held with two hands).

When you hit the muffin, hang onto your tray and run toward first base -- however, about 6 feet away, jump on your tray (bat) and slide into the plate (another tray). (like skim boarding without the ocean...and on a tray)

(Random google image pic, but right idea)

Step 5: Important Rules

If the muffin explodes, any part of the muffin can be used to throw a runner out. If there are multiple runners, many pieces of muffin can be used.

Teams play to three outs -- game is over when you run out of muffins or campus security kicks you off the lawn.

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    12 years ago on Step 5

    uahahahahahahhah funny sport! I want it in the olympic game


    How could you?! I am appalled by this heinous act against muffins! I should have you banned from the world!

    Sounds awesome! How'd you come upon this crazy-involved sport? Were there ever any muffin-related injuries? Most importantly, could you use something less valuable than almighty muffins? (ie. donuts or cake)


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Sigh. It's true, there are many muffin casualties in the name of TrayBall. Donuts and cake aren't bad ideas, but the beauty of a muffin is its ability to withstand a good tray whack and remain relatively intact. Especially a stale muffin. And to answer your questions, this game was born entirely out of that magical time at the end of the quarter when your student loan money had run out, finals were around the corner, and some serious stress-relief/procrastination was necessary. A few minor injuries occurred when the grass was not dewy enough to slide and the tray stopped short, thus launching the batter into the air. The most severe injuries were suffered by the muffins.