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Introduction: Treasure Chest Shaped "Bandsaw Box" Engagement Ring Box

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"Treasure Chest" shaped bandsaw box style engagement ring box made from laminated chechen and purpleheart wood. The "pillow" was made from a piece of foam wrapped in an old sunglasses bag. The box was finished with linseed oil and a few coats of paste wax. The hand made box was created to accompany the amazing hand made wood inlaid engagement ring I got for the occasion. The wood used in the inlay was picked up in Michigan near the engagement site. Enjoy!

Step 1: Rough Cutting Stock

The first ingredient is chechen, the grain in this piece is amazing! The second contrasting ingredient is purpleheart. Each wood was ripped to 3" wide and cut into 3" square pieces to be laminated together into a cube.

Step 2: Lamination

I picked a pattern for the alternating pieces and applied glue liberally - if you don't make a mess, you're doing it wrong (not really). I left this to dry for the night.

Step 3: Cube Shaping

Once dried, the cube is taken out of the clamps and each side is sanded smooth. On the top of the shape an arc is drawn to create the treasure chest shape.

Step 4: Cutting and Shaping the Box

I cut the top arch of the box out to create the desired shape and sand this smooth. When I am happy with the shape of the box, I then destroy it by cutting each side off. These are sanded smooth on the cut side and set aside. The inside of the box is then scribed to approximately 1/2" thick and cut.

Step 5: Secondary Sanding and Shaping

After cutting, each piece is then sanded smooth on all of the cut surfaces. It is important to remember which piece came from where for when you glue everything back together.

Once sanding is complete, the sides of the box are then glued onto the main center arch.

While this dries the left over innards of the box have the top cut off and a hole drilled in the center to hold the ring.

Step 6: Final Sanding and Finger Pull

Once the box dries again, it is sanded smooth to conceal the seams. I cut some finger holes in the box - this is done by drilling down most of the way with a forstner bit and then finishing it up with a spindle sander.

Step 7: Felt Pad

I used some self-adhesive backed felt to fill in the gap and hold the inside of the box in with the perfect amount of friction. At this point it should be just a little loose because when you apply the finish it will add a tiny bit of thickness to the piece.

Step 8: Final Sanding and Shaping

I round all of the corners with a 1/16" round over bit, that never fails to give the perfect look! I then run through all of the sanding grits on all outer surfaces of the box up to 220 grit. Once I hit 220, it's baby butt smooth and ready for finish.

Step 9: Finish & Pillow

Linseed oil is initially used to finish it. Once this dries I apply a few coats of wax to protect it and give it a shine.

The pillow is made from a scrap piece of foam. It is cut into an oversized circle (about twice the size of the hole in the box). The cylinder of foam is cut in half and each half is wrapped in some microfiber cloth from an old sunglasses case. Each piece is squished down and stuffed into the hold in the inner part of the box. All that is needed yet again to hold it in place is good ol' friction!

Step 10: Complete & Ring

And that's it! Time for some glamour shots.

The engagement happened at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan. It's an hour hike over the dunes to the water...and she said yes. She's a keeper!

(it's a good thing she said yes because it is also an hour hike back to the car...)

Step 11: Done!

Hopefully this inspires you to go and create something with your hands! I'd love to see it if you do, thanks for stopping by.

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    4 years ago

    This was a very nice box especially because you used the Purple Heart wood. As a former Army Engineer, Purple Heart wood is used on the deck of the flat bed trucks that haul the heavy construction equipment. Purple Heart wood is very strong and sturdy lumber. Your craftsmanship is visible in the finial finish of the box. Your photos, video, and instructions were easy to follow. Good luck in the contest.


    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    Looks great! You got my vote.