Introduction: Treasure Room Pirate

Treasure room pirate

Step 1: Treasure Room Pirate

I selected a shiatsu motor for this prop because of its high level of tork. From what I have seen, they are pretty much the same under the cloth. Once removing the cloth, the large massaging units are exposed.

Step 2: Removing the Massaging Units

These will either pop off, or unscrew. My first one, I just broke the plastic off to get to the stems underneath.

Step 3:

Step 4: Making the Rod Longer

I had an idea what I wanted to do but wasn’t sure how long I had to make my rod. Using 1/2” inch coupling, I put that over the stem. Drilled it and installed a cotter pin. Then I used 1/2”” pvc and glued that into the coupling. Don’t have a picture for that step but you will be able to see the unit together in the next step.

Step 5: Mounting the Motor

Due to the odd shape. I used plastic banding straps which are pre drilled. The unit was secured in the pattern in the picture.

Step 6:

Step 7: Making the Pirate Move

I wanted this pirates leg to hang over the arm of the chair and swing back and forth. Similar to captain jack sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I used fishing string and some eye hooks. Tracing the string back to the motor and simulated the motion before I made it permanent. I tied and super glued the end of the string to another eye hook. The eye hook was slipped over the pvc and then I put a coupling on the end of it. The pvc and eye will reduce a lot of friction. The coupling allows the eye to move freely back and will see that I have another ring and string on the pvc that moves the pirates hand. This is why I wanted to use this motor. Originally I wanted one movement per stem. Time was slipping from me so I just did it this way.this part took me less than an hour to do.

Step 8: Rocking the Chair

The chair also rocks using another motor. I used a rotisserie motor for this. I chose it for its speed and tork as well as the fact I already had one. This was one of the last props to set up because he goes in the shed we actually store the decorations. The motors had to be mobile so they could be moved if they were in the way. Simply making a 90 degree frame from wood and fastening the motor to it. As you can I affixed a piece of all thread to the motor just to be a push arm. This motor only has to work in pushing the chair forward. The weight of the chair allows it to rock back. Again using pvc where the metal makes contact for a smooth ride.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

After he is dressed and the gold and treasure is added he is ready for the trick or treaters. 2017 pirates of friar on you tube to see all of halloween

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