Introduction: Treasure Box

1) I made a treasure box out of popsicle sticks. I originally made it for a school project. My goal was to make something that i could actually use and make my own. From previous projects I already had popsicle sticks and paint so i wanted something with the supplies i had.
2) I originally made it for a school project. My goal was to make something that i could actually use and make my own. As I was making it I found myself thinking outside the box to make this simple design not be too complicated.
3) I made this in a hotel room actually and decorated it at my house. IAt the time my mother had to work close by so we stayed in a hotel a few nights and this project gave me something fun and productive to do.
4)I learned that hot glue guns are truly HOT. I also learned when a problem came up it was important to take a step back to think of the possible solutions. A major challenge was figuring out what were the best areas to place the glue so the sticks would stick together with out creating  globes all over the treasure box. I am proud that I spent my time and energy on something i really wanted to make.If i had to do it again I'd probably make it bigger and choose different decorations.

If you have some free time on your hands and enjoy crafts, this is perfect for you! To make your own person treasure box you will need:
*popsicle sticks (a package of 100 is good)
*hot glue gun
*hot glue sticks (make sure its the right size for your gun)
*a sharp object that gives a clean cut in a popsicle stick
*a small bottle of paint
optional items:
*felt material

Step 1: Sides

First, get 13 sticks and your hot glue gun. Take one stick and put a dab of hot glue at the tip (where its rounded) hold the stick horizontally. Grab another stick and place it on the glue but vertically. Now the 2 sticks should be connect and form an L shape. Now you will put another dab of glue on the 1st stick and right next to the stick you just connected. Keep glueing sticks on the original horizontal stick until it is filled with the sticks. Once the one horizontal stick is filled, grab another stick and glue it to the opposite end of all the vertical sticks. Now you should have a line of sticks glued held together by a stick at both sides. This is what the sides are.

Step 2: Connecting Sides

Repeat that making 4 more sides. You should have 5 total of these sides. Take 2 sides and turn them so the horizontal sticks are now vertical. Now place glue on the edge of 1 of the vertical sticks and put the vertical stick of the other side on top. Two of your sides are now connected. do that repeatedly to all the other sides until there is only one side missing.

Step 3: Bottom of Lid

Next is the lid.  Grab 19 sticks and place 2 of them aside for a minute. So with 13 sticks line them up as if you were making one of the sides. Cut two of the 6 sticks that you set aside in half with your sharp item. The other 4 sticks you set aside cut only the rounded tips off. To make the lid stay on you will need these 6 sticks which will secure the lid. With the glue attach 2 of the half sticks  overlapping each other and do it again so that the half sticks are stuck together in sets of 2. With the longer cut sticks do the same. So there's 2 sets of the longer sticks glued together overlapping each other. **DO NOT throw away the small excess pieces you cut!

Step 4: Bottom of Lid Continued

Now with the 13 sticks that are in a line, you will glue the 2 half pieces a cm from the edge and going the same direction as the 13 sticks.Do that on both the right and left sides. The, glue the 2 sets of longer cut sticks on the top and bottom of the 13 sticks but also a cm inward. Looking at it now there should be a rectangular shape in the middle and all the pieces are connected. You just made the lid.

Step 5: Top of Lid

For the top of the lid it helps to have a handle to grab. SO to make this you need the small left over pieces from cutting the sticks in the previous steps. Glue the pieces together onto the top of the lid (the side that is bare) in the form of a pyramid. Put the longest pieces on the bottom and work your way up to the smallest pieces. The pieces go by twos so there will be 2 of the same size pieces then 2 more of the same size pieces except shorter than the last 2. because the pieces are being glued it is important to have the straight sided part of the sticks together and the rounded side facing outward.

Step 6: Decorating and Finishing Touches

Now if you want the inside to be more soft and give a gentle feeling cut felt fabric and hot glue it to each side of the inside. In the blank rectangle space on the lid you can also put felt there. *make sure to measure the sides before you cut the felt material, to make sure its a perfect fit. Now with the color of your choice paint the outside of the box. If you want to go the extra mile you can buy sticks and put the all over or give it a theme.
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