Introduction: Treasured Neckpiece As a Valentine Gift From Trash Magazine Paper

All of us are having waste old magazines with us.

I was thinking of making some great use of those magazines and come up with making different types of pearls, beads, jewelry etc.. Which are really looking great to wear.

In this instructable I am presenting an awesome idea of how to convert magazine paper or any other random paper into a beautiful piece of jewelry with very less effort and time and almost ZERO MAKING COST.

I always believe in using waste material lying in our houses and making something great and useful with that with minimum possible making cost. BASICALLY TRASH TO TREASURE.

My valentine love is damn crazy for tribal jewelry, so definitely I made this best piece for her :)

Step 1: Material Required:-

1. Some random old magazine papers (or any random book paper)

2. few small sized

3. toothpick

4. fevicol

5. silver nail paint

6. black paint color

7. paint brush

8. rough cloth

Step 2: Give a Pre-thought to Decide 'TYPE', 'STYLE' and 'LENGTH' of Jewelry Piece You Are Going to Make.


I am presenting you an amazing instructable of how to make a tribal neckpiece. So I choose

TYPE as Neckpiece

STYLE as Tribal look

And LENGTH as approx. 25-26 beads <<== I will explain this number after you finished making your first paper bead at the end of STEP 5!!

Step 3: Cut Out the Desired Shape of Paper for Center (longest) Bead.

Take any random old magazine book. Even if you don't have any magazine with you, you can take either colored page of newspaper or any other book that will also works fine. MAIN MOTIVE IS TO USE TRASH PAPER.

· Mark approx. 2 inches length on any horizontal side of paper as shown.

· Draw a line from this horizontal end to opposite vertical end as shown.

· Now you have a long triangle shape with you whose one angle is 90 degree as shown.

· Cut this triangle shape of paper.

So this simple paper shape will going to get converted into a beautiful piece of jewelry very soon :)

Step 4: Making Tribal Design on This Paper.

To make an AZTEC JEWELRY PIECE, give a random cut print pattern on both the long sides of this triangle shaped paper as shown using black marker.

Reason of giving this pattern is: - when we roll this paper, these random black markings will give us a great tribal look on paper edges.

Step 5: Roll This Printed Paper Into a PAPER BEAD Using an Ear Bud.

take an ear bud and remove cotton from its one side as shown.

Note: Cotton plug on other side will act as a GRIP to us for smooth folding of paper.

· Now, put the ear bud on length of paper as shown in picture, non-cotton side on edge of paper and cotton side on your hand side for folding.

· Roll the starting of paper on ear bud.

· Now take this cotton plug side of ear bud in between your Thumb and First finger and SWIRL IT until the end as shown.

· Paste the end of paper.

· We have our first bead with us as shown in picture.

· To give it a little beauty, with your same Thumb and finger (you used to swirl) give a lill uplift to lower end of paper bead to give it a little round shape from base as shown.

Now, as we have your first paper bead (center one and longest) in our hand, by thickness of this bead and the length of neckpiece you need to put beads, you can simply calculate the rough estimate of number of beads we need to create more as shown.

Step 6: Making Rest of the Beads in Decreasing Bead-length Manner.

Now, as we choose to give a round shape to our neck piece of jewelry, accordingly we have to create beads in their decreasing bead-length manner, keeping one point in mind that both the beads on either side of central bead MUST BE of same length to give a perfect round shape to our neckpiece.


· Next cut two pieces of paper of approx. 2 inches dimension (like we took dimension of 2.5 inches in step no2) and repeat Step no2-Step no4 for both of these.

· After performing these steps we will be having next two beads for left and right side of our central bead as shown.

· Repeat this again n again for creating beads with decreasing bead-lengths as shown.

According to the length of neckpiece and thickness of single bead (which again depends on the size of paper triangle), we will be ending up making 25-27 beads in total as shown.

Step 7: Coloring All Beads With SILVER NAILPAINT for Around 4 Coats.

  • · Paint all these paper beads with SILVER NAILPAINT properly.
  • · Let this paint gets dry.
  • · Repeat the nail paint coat for three to four times to give it a sturdy plastic look with proper drying in between each coat.

Step 8: After the Dried Silver Color, Paint Them All With Black Color and Rub It Immediately to Give Them a Real Tribal Plastic Bead Look.

Now, after all the beads get dried up properly with silver coats, paint them all with black color.

· Rub this black color immediately very gently with some cotton or cloth. DONT USE WATER TO RUB IT.

· This touch of rubbed black color over silver nail paint coatings will give them an amazing real tribal plastic bead look. I simply love this method!!

Step 9: Making Pearl Ending for Each Bead.

  • Take same number (say 25 in our case) of silver pearls of same size as the number of our paper beads.
  • Take same number of aluminum wire pieces (of approx. 4 inches length each)
Number of SILVER PEARLS = Number of paper beads = Number of wires
  • Now put one silver pearl in one piece of wire and tie it at one end of wire as shown.
  • Paint the pearl end side with black color as shown above.
  • Repeat this for all the pearl and wire combination as shown.

Step 10: Put Pearl Wire Inside the Paper Bead.

Now, put these pearl wire
inside each bead as shown.

Step 11: Color the Silver Chain With Black Color and Rub Off Immediately.

Take the silver chain to which we have to attach all our finalized beads and color it with black color.

Rub this black color immediately in a gentle manner so as to give the same look as given to paper beads as shown.

Let it get dry for a minute.

Step 12: Attach the Beads Finally to This Silver Chain.

Now start attaching the finalized beads to this chain.

· Attach longest bead at the center (or a bit away from center to give a style) of this silver chain by rolling the end of aluminum wire around it.

· Cut the extra length of aluminum wire left after rolling.

· similarly attach all the beads in decreasing bead-length manner on both sides of longest bead as shown.

· Cut out the extra wire length.

Step 13: Attach the Hooks and TA-DA!! Our Tribal Neckpiece Is Ready!

This is very sturdy,
almost waterproof and amazingly tribal style neckpiece. Already sold :)

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