Introduction: Treat Bag (recycled Paper)

We all have lots of newspaper stacked in our home; cluttering on the coffee table or occupying spaces they ought not to. But instead of throwing them or sending them to recycling shop, why not recycle them ourselves, especially now that holidays our coming - we need those wrapping paper and bags for treats and small gifts.

Let's cycle up those clutter, and help reduce paper consumption!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Old newspaper or magazine

Double adhesive tape

Washi tape


Stamp ink

Cutting mat


Craft knife or scissors

Step 2: Sides

Cut 20 x 25 cm of old newspaper (adjust the size as preferred).

Fold the length of both sides of the paper, overlapping the paper at least 2 cm.

Add adhesive tape on one side, remove backing and stick the sides together.

Step 3: Bottom

Fold the bottom of the paper - 4 cm fold makes 2 cm bottom when the bag is opened.

Open the bottom, fold the sides inward, make sure the score lines are aligned (check 2nd picture).

Fold the bottom flap above the middle score line, and the top flap below the score line (check 3rd picture).

Add adhesive on the bottom flap, below the bottom score line.

Remove backing and stick together.

Bag Complete!

Step 4: Decorate

Decorate the front of the bag with stamp, you can be playful as you want with your design.

Use washi tape or any decorative tape to seal the bag.

*If you don't have stamps or washi tape, use the caricature part of the newspaper and staple to close*


Step 5: Done!