Introduction: Treat Dispenser for Small Animals

Hi everyone. This is my first instructable and I am open to comments :) hope you enjoy

This is a simple treat dispenser for small animals. This treat dispenser is usually a onetime use but if you pet is kind you can get reuse this.

Step 1: Gather Materials

•Box knife/hobby knife/ scissors
•toilet paper tube
•small treats

Step 2: Create the Tube Closings

I am not sure what this is called but basically it is closing one side of the tube. :)

1) fold in both sides of one end of tube
2) fold in adjacent sides
3) press in to ensure no treats can escape from the sides

Step 3: Fill With Treats

Self explanatory but just in case for any confusion :)

1) break treats if they are too large
2) fill tube about 3/4 of the way

Step 4: Close Other Side

Using the same technique to close the first side, close the second side

Step 5: Cut Access Holes

Cut a few holes. Size depends on what type of animal.
I decided to cut a few around the tube

Step 6: Give to Pet

This is the fun part. My rats love these.

Step 7: The End.

This is just a disposable treat dispenser for pets. I didn't want to make one out of plastic for different reasons:
1) when I am home they are out running around my room, not playing with toys
2) I have this fear that they will chew and choke on the plastic
3) I can make a few and leave them in the cage when I go to school
4) it's no problem if they rip it apart
5) it's easy to make the holes bigger if they find it too hard

I hope you enjoyed this. Please comment on how I can improve :)