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For all you music lovers out there! With a few inches of wire and some basic tools you can make a heart with a treble clef and bass clef. This particular one attaches to your shirt with a neodymium magnet from behind.  If only that cute flute player from high school could see me now!

I’m using 14 gage steel wire. You can buy it at any home improvement store. 

Step 1: Starting the Treble Clef

I started by cutting a section of wire and filing the sharp end flat. Next I used round nose pliers to place the first bend. Needle nose pliers helps close the bend further. That was followed by hammering a flare in the curve against an anvil. 

You can see me following the original instructable on my phone. 

Step 2: Forming the Body

This part takes practice. Luckily steel wire is inexpensive so mess ups will only cost you pennies. Use piers to make a loop for the top of the treble clef. If it's too short you won't have enough room for the rest of the spiral. Error on the side making it long. From there make several small bends, close together, to continue the clef. Finally make a sharp bend to finish the spiral. We'll make it pretty in the next step. 

Step 3: Fine Tuning the Shape

The wire gets harder to shape by hand the closer you get to the center of the spiral. Using a torch softens the metal and makes it much easier. When you're done shaping the wire you might have a gap from the body to the staff. Pinch it together with pliers and heat up the clef. Keep the piers closed as it cools. Now the gap should removed. 

Step 4: Hammer in Some Flare

To make the clef more believable you have to flare out the sides with a hammer. Having a hard surface with an edge makes things so much easier. Imagine a line down the center of the clef and hammer the wire on both sides. Make sure your hammer has a smooth face. 

Step 5: Making the Bass Clef

The bass clef is similar to the treble. I used a picture from my phone to have something to compare to while I formed it. Keep in mind that this clef is the same size as the treble clef spiral. 

Flare it out using the same imaginary line down the center. 

Step 6: Solder

Heating the wire oxidizes it. Solder will not stick to it like this. To remove the oxidation I went over it with 320 grit sand paper. Next I filed a subtle flat edge on both pieces with a file. To strengthen the bond I put a reinforcement piece on between the pieces. 

For the two dots of the bass clef I bent a piece of wire and soldered it in place. Then I cut it down and filed the sharp ends flat. 

Step 7: Finishing Touches

I buffed out any tool marks with polishing compound and a buffing wheel. Finally I scuffed it with sand paper and painted it red. To ware it you place a magnet behind it like a magnetic name tag. 

Thanks for reading. 

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