Introduction: Trebuchet Callicott Class of 2017

During the medieval era trebuchets were lethal weapons of mass destruction. This trebuchet is not that trebuchet, rather, it is an adorable demonstration of projectile motion.

Helpful thought: you want to launch projectile at 45 degrees for optimal distance.

Group: Kyle F., Maddie D., Sienna S.

Special thanks to Mr. Fune!!

Step 1: Materials

•wooden pole
•3 wood planks/boards (3m each)
•38-40 screws (lengths vary to purpose)
•pvc pipe (3/4 in)
•5lb weights x2
•3lb weights x4

Step 2: Building the Base (not Bass)

1) cut 2 pieces of wood into 6x45x3cm

2) cut 2 pieces of wood into 6x33x3cm

3) stack wood from step 1) on top of wood 2) and drill screws in, to form a rectangle

4) attach wheels to bottom of step 1) wood, should roll easily

Step 3: Attaching Support Beams

1) cut 2 pieces of wood 40x2x4cm (2 by 4in)

2) cut 4 pieces of wood 22x2x4cm then, cut ends at 45 degree angle

3) attach wood from step 1) and 2) on top of base by drilling under base

4) drill holes at top of main support beams for arm

Step 4: The Arm and Weight

1) cut a 2 by 4in wood to 90cm, drill hole in middle and at end

2) cut 20 cm pvc pipe into two 8 1/2 cm pieces

3) slip wooden pole and pvc pieces into arm

4) attach four 3lb weights to end of arm through drilled hole in step 1)

5) attach 2 5lb weights to support beams

Step 5: The Sling

1) stick two pieces of ductape together with a long piece of string in between

2) add more ductape until you get a cup like shape

3) take one end of sting from the sling in step 1) and tie washer

4) imbed three nails into arm: one on top, and two to the side

5) tie other end of the sling (not the one with the washer) to second nail

Step 6: Release Mechanism

1) make sure you added one nail to the top of the arm from the previous step

2) take another nail and attach to base where the top of the arm will be prior to launch

3) take string and tie one end to nail and a washer to the other (the washer will attach to nail on top of arm)

4) tie another piece of string (long) to washer (this is the trigger)