Introduction: Tree by the Beach

Christmas tree made from drift wood, pumice stone, coat hanger, a stone for base, and time wandering the beach for the parts.

Step 1: Collection of Parts, Main Tree

For the skeleton stem, I use a stainless hanger or a steel hanger of reasonable quality that is not too flimsy and cut to length or height of tree.
After walking along beaches (coves are best as collects the driftwood) I collect numerous lengths and sizes of driftwood for the branches.
Laying them out on the table and sorting them in size I then drill a hole in the centre of each and place on hanger.

Step 2: Shape the Head Piece

Pumice stone is ideal, as it’s always found on the beach and you can shape it with either a belt sander or a concrete pathway.
Once flat or ready to shape carve out your desired shape. Sand with fine sandpaper to finish and wash with water, as this gets rid of all the powder in the pumice stone pores. Drill a small hole in bottom for mounting.

Step 3: Pick Base and Assemble

After choosing base stone, depending on size of tree made to keep balanced. Drill smaller hole in base and glue in rod with five minute arldite, attach head piece and voila it’s done. Add decorations and lights. Total cost is your time and searching for parts. As well as getting out and about.

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