Introduction: Tree Safe

In this instructable I will be explaining how to make a tree safe from a coastal redwood. The coastal redwood tree works great for this because it has a thick bark but really any tree with a bark that is at least 2 inches thick will work.

The coastal redwood is an endangered species, but this shouldn't hurt the tree. This safe is outdoor and may not be watertight, so anything that is being stored inside should have a plastic bag around it.

Anyways, lets begin!

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this project are:

•One large, thick piece of bark (back must be flat)

•One smaller flat piece of bark

•White glue (gel variety)

•Pocket knife (or other carving utensil)

•Paperclip (unwound, cut in half, and bent at a right angle)

Step 2: Carve

Using the pocket knife carve out the center of the flat back side of the large piece of bark.

Step 3: Insert Paperclips

Next, take the paperclips and stick them into the walls of the carved indent that was made in step one. Make sure it doesn't puncture out the other side.

Step 4: Glue

Now add glue to the base of the paperclips and allow to dry.

Step 5: Apply Backing

Once the glue is dry, take the thin flat piece of bark and stick it through the paperclips so that the only thing visible are the two paperclips sticking out the back.

Step 6: Apply to Tree

Place any items in container and apply backing, now it is time to place it! Find a nearby tree and stick the paper clips into the bark then push until the safe is set into the tree.

Now step back and admire the perfectly camoed container! Enjoy!

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