Introduction: Treehouse

Last year around time of June we decided to make an interesting project. Our theme was based on survival in the jungle. All of us brainstormed and finally came to an agreement to make a Treehouse. We also wanted it to be completely natural , and we were fairly successful with that

Step 1: How to Begin-

The very first step, is to find a good tree for the treehouse. Look for a tree that has boughs joining the main trunk at a same level. This will ensure the stability of your treehouse.
The next step is to decide the material for the base. It can either be bamboo or, like in our case, thin eucalyptus trees. But for the frame of our roof, we used bamboo.

Step 2: Equipments

The tools needed for the work:
1. Saw
2. Hacksaw
3. Hammer
4. Measuring tape

Step 3: Requirements

Materials needed are:
1. Thin eucalyptus tree trunks
2. Bamboo plywood
3. Bamboo
4. Coconut coir ropes
5. Palm leaves

Step 4: How to Build-

Start by setting up the frame of your base. You may have a four sided base or a triangular one like us. Then fix the other woods, to the frame, using the coconut coir ropes. Once you have your main base, you can then trim the long woods, jetting out of the base.

Step 5: For the Roof-

For the roof, find boughs higher up above your base. But remember that it has to be within your reach. Because, it will get harder to make the roof, if it is out of your reach.
We used bamboo for our roof. But you can always use any other wood. We split the bamboo in four, using an ancient technique. Then we use five eucalyptus branches to give the roof the main frame. We the placed in a grid, the split bamboo. The last thing to complete the roof was, to put palm leaves on top and them attach them with coir ropes.

Step 6: The Final Step-

As the base is made out of the tree trunks of eucalyptus, it was very uncomfortable to sit on. So we cut few bamboo plywood, according to the size of our treehouse. Then we fixed them to the base, using nails.
Now the base was perfectly flat. We laid a carpet to increase the comfortability.

Step 7: Conclusion-

Building this treehouse was a quiet amazing experience. It enlarged of skill of handling tools. We learnt how to coordinate with the other member, to plan a big thing. We had a lot of fun building it.

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