TrekMate(Intel IoT)

Introduction: TrekMate(Intel IoT)

Our project "Trekmate" focuses on automatic security of vehicles and also monitors fitness of an individual. Our project consists of various sensors such as heartbeat sensor, accelerometer which continuously monitors the health parameters of the rider and sends them to cloud for analysis. We have also included an alcohol sensor which will automatically lock the vehicle if the rider is tested positive.

We are going to use Intel Edison board for developing this prototype. Intel Edison is a very powerful board that is best for developing IOT based projects. It has an inbuilt wifi chip which provides easy access to the Internet due to which sensor data can be sent and easily accessed through the cloud . We are going to use Intel IOT Cloud for monitoring and analysis of data. Also sensors can be interfaced to the board using various IDEs such as Arduino or Intel XDK.

The hardware required for the project is:

1.Intel Edison and Breakout Board

2.Heart Beat Sensor

3.Grove 3-axis accelerometer

4.Grove alcohol sensor

5.Grove Touch Sensor

6.Servo Motor

7.Grove LEDs

Step 1: Interfacing Heart Beat Sensor

We had interfaced a heart beat sensor that measures the heart rate of a person using the principle of IR transmitter and receiver.The heart beat sensor output goes high as soon as a pulse is detected.The number of pulses can then be counted to approximate the heart beat of a person.

Step 2: Interfacing 3-axis Accelerometer,touch Sensor and Servo Motor

The 3-axis grove accelerometer has been interfaced using I2C protocol.It has been used to judge the driving skills of the driver.The grove touch sensor used is capacitive touch sensor.It produces high digital output when finger is kept on it.As soon as the touch sensor is activated the servo motor rotates to initiate the locking and unlocking mechanism

Step 3: Interfacing Alcohol Sensor

Grove - Alcohol Sensor is a complete alcohol sensor module which is built with MQ303A semiconductor alcohol sensor. It has good sensitivity and fast response to alcohol. It is suitable for making Breathalyzer. This Grove implements all the necessary circuitry for MQ303A like power conditioning and heater power supply. This sensor outputs a voltage inversely proportional to the alcohol concentration in air.It provides an analog output which is interfaced using analog input present on the breakout board.

Step 4: Sending Data on Intel Cloud

The Intel Edison has integrated Wifi in it which provides easy connectivity with the Internet.To send data to the Intel IOT Cloud we are using an Arduino library called as IotKit. Proper setup of the Internet and sending data to cloud has been explained on this

Step 5: Demo Video and Code

Here is the video link of our Project with the Arduino ino file...

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