Introduction: Trembuchet

If you want to know ho to build our trembuchet then keep on reading to know the materials and procedure.

Step 1: Trembuchet

To create this trembuchet you will need the next materials:
Rubber wheels (4)
1 piece of wood (1x2)
1 piece of wood (1x4)
A piece of wood as the base (50x50)
Screws (approximately 20)
1 spherical long piece of wood
First we cut both pieces of wood until we had the measurements wanted. Then, we screwed the four wheels into the base, each wheel needed a total of four screws in order to attach it into the base. After that, we nailed one piece of wood that was 50 cm long on to the left edge of the base and did the same thing on the right side, then we drilled a hole into both of the pieces of wood, in order to put the spherical piece of wood through both of the pieces on the sides. For the arm, we used another piece of wood that was one meter long and we also drilled a hole on it to place it through the spherical piece. The hole needs to be big enough so the arm is able to move without getting stuck to the spherical piece. At the end, we glued a dixie cup at the top of the arm to hold the marble that will be shot.