Introduction: Trestle From Pallets

I needed a set of trestles recently and rather than buy a set which can get expensive, especially for a decent sturdy set, i decided to build a set.

I decided to build them out of timber reclaimed from a pallet. A big pallet granted but this will work with smaller pallets as well.

Tools and Materials

- 8 x 750mm timber
- 8 x 600mm timber
- Screws
- Rope
- Hinges
- Saw
- Drill driver
*Screwdriver bit
*drill bit (slightly bigger than your rope)
- Square
-Tape measure

Step 1:

Lay out your lengths, 2 of 750mm uprights and 1 of the 600mm cross ways across the top.

Use the Square to align the corners at right angles. Screw the 2 together in each corner.

Measure up 200mm from the bottom on each leg and mark. Place the 2nd 600mm piece along those the marks and screw in to place.

Step 2:

Repeat to complete the other four.

I used reclaimed hinges from a couple of old doors. I Sprayed them with zinkgalv spray to protect them but its not necessary.

Align the hinges so they are central and flush with the top and screw in place.

Step 3:

Place the hinged section at right angles and screw to another section. aligning them at the top. Repeat with the second trestle

Mark the center of the bottom cross section and drill a hole big enough for the rope to go through on both sides.

Step 4:

Open the trestle up so its about 300mm wide.

Pass the rope through the holes (melting the end with a lighter helps stop it fraying) tie a knot at both ends and trim and melt the rope.

This will stop the legs from opening to wide.

Step 5:


You can add a top as a work surface or keep them separate as a set of saw horses.

Cheers For Looking

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