Tre'tech's Favorite Wire Stripping Method

Introduction: Tre'tech's Favorite Wire Stripping Method

I've tried all kinds of dykes, pliers, blades, wire strippers, etc.

Some work better than others. and most get less effective with time.

Often I would end up needing to strip a wire and wouldn't have the "proper" tools handy

When I was very young, I would strip the wires with my teeth.

DON'T DO THAT! -it is not good for you.


One day I reached into my pocket and found the answer

Step 1: Here's What You Need

A lighter.

...Doesn't really matter what kind

... And a wire that needs to be stripped.

Step 2: Position Lighter

Hold the flame of the lighter approximately where you would like to where you would like the bare wire to start.

Step 3: Strip

If your hands are tough, you can just pull the (sometimes molten) burned piece away revealing the clean, undamaged wire beneath.

Sometimes i've used gloves, pliers, dykes, even the edge of a nearby table top to remove the insulation.

In almost all cases, this flame trick helps to reduce wire breakage, and the required effort to perform wire stripping duties

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    6 years ago

    This is a clever little trick - seems like it would work well in a pinch. Thanks for sharing!