Introduction: Tri-Fold Duct Tape Wallet (Notes, Cards, ID, Coins)

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Tri-Fold Duct Tape Wallet (Notes, Cards, ID, Coins)

Here is a wallet I made almost 2 years ago. It is still going strong. In fact, the more you use these tape wallets, the better they get!

It closes on its own now, so I got rid of the little bungee tag. I no longer use the coin pouch. I use the right hand slot for non-money items instead (stamps, hand wipe, paper tape measure, fresnel lens, Band-Aid etc.)

The ID window is cut from an old DVD case.
The coin pouch is the width of a single strip of tape stuck on to itself and is as long as a credit card.
After making the wallet, I folded it up, then used some pieces of a low adhesive tape to hold it in closed position. I put a piece of smooth wood (or a book) on top of the wallet, then a heavy weight. This is best left for a few days.

I did not do a step-by-step at the time, so here is a load of photos including one with full dimensions in millimeters.

You can find lots of Instructables or videos online to show you how to make the duct tape fabric.
I hope you can use my plan to copy or maybe just to give you some ideas. 

I really enjoy using this wallet every day - probably because it took so long to make!

I hope some of you find this useful...

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Wallet Features

  • Tri-fold design (closed size approx: 105mm x 80mm x how rich you are)
  • Heavy duty silver duct tape outer
  • Full length note compartment with rolled edge and smoother duct tape lining
  • 2 x stepped card slots with full depth card slot behind
  • ID window with full depth card slot behind
  • Removable coin pouch / miscellaneous items slot
  • Bungee tag made from: cord end clamp from old ski gloves, elastic from old coat

Thank you for your interest!

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