Introduction: Tri-Tip Simplicity

A simple way to cook a Tri-Tip roast

Step 1: Ingredients

Tri-Tip definitely one of my most favorite type of meats and it is one that is a simple fix. Simplicity rules this game in creating a delicious grilled meat. Cook it in roast form although you can pull it off in steak form but you get more flavor and texture ranges from a roast. the crispy salty outside layer to the soft, pink and juicy middle Oh and lets not for get about the end pieces for people that like there piece a little more done... Can you say YUM!!! OK wipe the drool off your keyboard I know I have to.


  • 1 tri-tip Roast
  • Salt (preferably Kosher or Sea salt)
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Worcestershire sauce

Step 2: Preparation

Take your meat and fork it, yes fork it what I mean is stab it with a fork alot on both sides this will tenderize the roast. Season it with the salt and pepper with a layer of Olive oil on both sides of your roast. It sounds funny to say both sides but some people don't really know to do this. now go light your grill and let your meat sit out the whole time it takes to get your charcoal ready which is about 30 to 45 min. This keeps your meat from retracting when you place it over the coals, alright guys you can quit giggling about the you meat retracting.. LOL!

Step 3: Cooking

We're doing direct heat today so place it directly over the heat and put the lid on. On a typical trip tip roast you can came back in about 10-12 minutes and flip it over. you can check the temp so you can guesstimate how much more time you'll need but about another 10-12 minutes will do. on roast this is where a remote thermometer will come in handy because you be doing more important things like drinking beer with your buddies and be at ease knowing your not overcooking your meat. when your meat is in between the rare and medium rare temp this is a good time to remove your Tri-Tip.

Step 4: Removal

when your meat is in between the rare and medium rare temp this is a good time to remove your Tri-Tip. Place your roast in some foil cover the top with Worcestershire sauce and wrap it up for about 15 minutes, no need for perfection it is ok if it is not completely covered as long as most of it is. By doing this your meat will suck up its own juices and Worcestershire sauce and keep cooking a little usually bring the meat anywhere 5 to 10 degrees more to bring it to a perfect medium rare.

Step 5: Serving

Slice it up (against the grain not with the grain) and serve. Oh ya in the bottom of the foil will be this great leftover juice just pour it over your slices or serve it as a dipping sauce.


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