Introduction: TriStand - 3D Printed IPhone Case With Built in Stands

Everyone who owns an iPhone will share my frustration when they want to stand their iPhone up on a desk or table and just can't, trying to use everything that could possibly be in arms reach, from staplers, books, sometimes an arrangement of coins which might possibly defy the laws of physics and hold the iPhone in a fixed position, whether this is for watching a video or for typing an email; well my friends, how can we solve this?

Option 1:
Follow the steps on my first instructable to design and create your own iPhone case and spend hours adding hinges and designing a system for the iPhone case to hold your iPhone up. Or...

Option 2(better option):
Let me introduce you to the TriStand Case for your iPhone 4 or 4s, this is my solution to such a frustrating problem, the TriStand iPhone case is a stylish and rugged snap on case for your iPhone 4 or 4s which was designed by me. As well as protecting your iPhone, this case houses 3 flip out integrated stands; these stands can be used to stand the iPhone in 1 of 3 orientations, a portrait orientation and 1 of 2 angles on both of the landscape orientations, one is great for typing, and the other is great for watching videos!
Aren't these stands just going to swing open in your pocket? No, the intelligent design uses 'ball in socket' like catches to prevent the moving parts from opening by themselves in your pocket.
How do I know it works? Well, a simple question needs a simple answer, I now own 2 prototypes of this case which have been used to perfect and tweak the design of the case to perfection.

This to me is an elegant solution to a very common problem.
So how do I get one of these cases?...

Step 1: Ordering

You can buy this case from a company called Shapeways Here. Shapeways is a 3d printing service which will 3d print this design especially for you in a strong and rugged Nylon Polyamide in your choice of colour, this material has a grippy texture, making sure your mits always have a firm grip on your iPhone.

Due to the amazing capabilities of 3d printing, the TriStand is printed fully assembled, so no assembly is required! You will also be able to choose from a choice of colours that your case will be printed from.

Shapeways will then ship the case worldwide directly to your front door, turning design into reality.

Step 2: Tracking

Follow the package's journey step by step accross the world by tracking it using the tracking number provided to you after dispatch through UPS.

When you see the message 'On Van out for Delivery' you can sit by the front door like an excited child knowing that at any minute, after tearing frantically through the packaging, you will be holding in your hands, the solution to all your problems! (a bit of an exaggeration, i know)

Step 3: Which Way Shall I Stand It Up? Hm... So Many Options

Watch the below YouTube clip which will demonstrate how to use this 3d printed God of iPhone cases, however, I can't help but feel sorry for all the redundant stationary which did this job before, which will now only be used for the jobs they were made for.
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