Trial and Error Red Panda Plush




Introduction: Trial and Error Red Panda Plush

He's not perfect but he's very cute and I love him :) Made from felt, mostly sewn - facial features are glued on. Worked out pattern from analysing existing soft toys I own and a bit of guesstimation and then.. voila!

I made a tube from alternating stripes of orange and light brown for the tail
Then his body was very much trial and error, sort of a tube made of two parts (light brown on his back and dark on his belly) with leg holes and a few oddly shaped panels to make the front of his body look like he has a neck... I know it doesn't make much sense but I haven't really worked out a proper patter for him yet. Red Panda attempt number 2 will be better.
His legs are black tubes - his face is based on what most of my bears look like - with the gusset and then the separate muzzle.
His features - I cut out several variations of the shapes and then chose the ones that looked best and stuck them on with fabric glue. his mouth is just embroidered on.
I don't think this would be very easy to make on a sewing machine, he's quite fiddly and involves so much tricky sewing in all the crevices etc it wouldn't really save much time at all. All I have to reccomend is having many different colours of thread.
OH, his from legs - I sewed them to his body a little firther down form the shoulder so he sits the way he is in the photo, that was a kind of afterthought -before he looked very much like he was just sticking all his legs out in physically impossible angles... very ungainly indeed.

So erm.. that's how I made him :)

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    Dusk Shadows
    Dusk Shadows

    9 years ago on Introduction

    My favorite animal is the red panda I'm always acosiated with red ALWAYS it's so annoying yet i still love red pandas GO RED PANDAS!!!!!!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad.... FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! I love that it was all imagined with no real design, you just made it up as you went along!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE red pandas! This is super adorable. Please do share the pattern once you get it all worked out. Thank you for sharing what you consider to be imperfect, because I think it is it the sweetest!